We're literally knee deep in shit and a Ranger waltzes in after ignoring us for years? This day!
Zam Wilco to Walker.

Zam Wilco is a minor character featured in RAGE 2.



Nothing is known of Zam's early life. In 2165, she is a resident of Gunbarrel and leads the local militia.

Events of RAGE 2[]

When Walker first arrives in Gunbarrel, Zam will call out to them, mentioning that a Ranger hasn't been to Gunbarrel in years. She goes on to say that she works for John Marshall, former leader of the Resistance during the Authority Wars and current owner of the Dud Primer bar, acting as the leader of the local militia "so he doesn't have to."

Zam offers the "Farmers Plight" quest, during which Walker must travel to Yeoman Growery and clear out the Goon Squad members encamped there.


  • Zam Wilco was voiced by American Singer, songwriter, and actress Terra Deva, who also provided the voice of Salamandra.
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