Zak is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town and one of construction workers involved in the expansion project.

He can be found in "Fez," talking to Eddie. When first encountered, he is angry and will mention that Redstone will have to end the mutant infestation at the Blue Line Station in order to continue the expansion project.

After completing the quest "Mutant Expansion," he will be in a much lighter mood and will simply state that now without the mutant problem, Subway Town citizens will have more space and more work. He also states that space has been a problem for Subway Town as with the mutants below and the Gearheads above them, there was no where they could expand until now. Later on, he and Eddie will be found clearing some rubble in town.

Afterwards, when the Authority arrives in Subway Town, he and Eddie will move back to "Fez" stating that the Authority has come around "looking for something or someone."


  • Like the Wasted Clan members, Zak speaks with a British accent.
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