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The Xerxes III is an authority tank featured in RAGE 2.


The Xerxes III is a Predator-class Tank used by the Authority. It features heavy, ablative armor and a devastating Pulse Cannon that tears targets apart.

Often seen patrolling the Wasteland, spreading fear and establishing control for the Authority. The main weakness of the Xerxes III is its relative slowness, making hit-and-run tactics particularly efficient. Just don't get caught out or you're history.

In 2165, the Xerxes III had completely replaced the Predator in the Authority's forces, and can be seen patrolling through the Wasteland. One given to Klegg Clayton was later taken and used to infiltrate on the Authority's headquarters by Walker.


- Sentry will not attack you when you are in Xerxes III tank

How to unlock[]

  • Authority Tank can be obtained by completing the 'Loosum Dagger Mission.'