"Wingstick Mastery" is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Loosum Hagar in the Hagar Settlement. It is available after accepting the quest "Quell the Bandit Threat".


Learning to throw a Wingstick may save your life, and I'm the best teacher around.
It's pretty simple, just throw the Wingstick at your target and the Nano-core will do the rest. If the Wingstick survives impact, it'll fly back to where you tossed it, so don't move around too much.
Prove you can handle 'em, and I'll tell Halek you're safe.


  • Prove your skill with a Wingstick


Tip: when throwing Wingsticks, try aiming the center of the area immediately after sending a Wingstick to a target. This will allow you to shorten the time needed to move the crosshair to the next target.

You have to throw Wingsticks on mutant-shaped cardboards in order to gain enough points to succeed in the mission. Two points are awarded for the bottom targets, and three points for the top target. You will need to get 10 points to complete the mission. (This varies depending on difficulty.) Once you complete the mission you will be given five Wingsticks, and the possibility to buy them from vendors.




  • It is advised that the player completes this mission before attempting the main quest because the ability to use Wingsticks will come in handy when in the Ghost Hideout.
  • This mission is the first of the side quests featured in RAGE.
  • After completing the quest, the player can start the mini mission again by talking to Loosum Hagar.
  • While it is possible to achieve 30+ points in the game, there is no corresponding Achievement/Trophy or a reward despite the difficulty of the feature.