Weapon Demonstration Wingstick

Weapon Demonstration Wingstick

Wingsticks demonstration

The Wingstick is a quick-use item featured in RAGE and appearing in the Announce Trailer for RAGE 2. This boomerang-like projectile is a type of weapon and an engineering item. It appears to be a three-bladed propeller with cloth on one of the blades, serving as a handle. It is hugely powerful, killing most basic enemies in a single hit, with only a few more needed for heavily armored targets.

Nicholas Raine can learn how to throw a Wingstick by completing the side quest "Wingstick Mastery" in the Hagar Settlement, which will also bring him five free Wingsticks and make it possible to buy more from Halek Hagar right away.


Wingstick transparent

A Wingstick in the RAGE 2 Announce Trailer

The Wingstick is a throwing weapon, usually most effective when thrown at the head. Like Striker Crossbow, the Wingstick can silently kill a hostile without other enemies becoming aware.

The Wingstick tracks the enemy the player is aiming at, so even if they miss it can loop around to kill the enemy. There is a chance that the Wingstick might break when thrown, especially if it is thrown against a hard surface, armored opponent, or if it bounces off too many surfaces. There is also a chance that the Wingstick will become lodged in the enemy and, in the case of mutants, will break if not retrieved quickly enough. If the player runs out of Wingsticks they can always buy more, or even make some using the corresponding schematics.

Advanced WingstickEdit

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Advanced Wingstick in action

The Advanced Wingstick is an upgraded version of the Wingstick. Made of the same ingredients as the basic version, it has an orange glow and is capable of hitting up to three targets before returning. It will self-target much more effectively than the standard Wingstick, especially against armoured type enemies such as the Authority.

It is advisable for the players who like using Wingsticks to purchase the corresponding schematic from "Jani's Supplies" immediately after it becomes available, because the upgrade is well worth the money spent. Note that upon purchasing the upgrade all regular Wingsticks in the inventory will be converted to the advanced tier.


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The Wingstick schematic can be bought from Halek Hagar in the Hagar Settlement. The Advanced Wingstick schematic can be bought from Jani in "Jani's Supplies" in Subway Town. They are crafted in sets of 15 Wingsticks. The ingredients required are:


  • Unlike most weapons in RAGE, the Wingstick is a self-made weapon. It seems to be made from a broken propeller or a fan blade. Loosum Hagar also mentions that they have a nano core for targeting.
  • For some reason, Wingsticks can be sold for more than the Advanced Wingsticks.
  • In Ultra Nightmare difficulty, Wingsticks are crafted in sets of 5. They also seem to have a higher chance of breaking on impact.


  • Despite its being a secondary weapon, the Wingstick is the signature weapon of RAGE.
  • The Wingstick appears as an Avatar Prop item on Xbox Live Marketplace, purchasable for 240 Microsoft Points.
  • Team Fortress 2 features an engineer item called the "wingstick" that is a promotional miscellaneous item.
  • A wingstick prop was included with the collectors edition of RAGE.


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