"Where's Juno" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Janus Outrigger in the Outrigger Settlement. This quest involves the side quest "Radio Tower Repair" and the walkthrough here covers pretty much all details, but consider reading the corresponding article anyway.


You know the way it works here. We help you, you help us, right?
A member of our group, Juno, went missing a few days back. Last I heard he was headed up to the Radio Tower to the Southwest. Please look for him for me.
If you find any trace of him, I'll reward you with my Recipe for Bandages.


  • Find evidence of Juno's whereabouts near the Radio Tower
    • Head Northeast to the Radio Tower
    • Find evidence of Juno's whereabouts
    • Inform Janus of Juno's fate


The entrance to the Outrigger Sewers
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The Sentry Turret card is right there
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2011-10-18 00018.jpg
2011-10-18 00019.jpg

Leave the Outrigger Settlement and follow the pips on your minimap. It's pretty close, so you don't have to take the ATV. There is the Outrigger Sewers hatch to the left of the entrance, so you might like to consider visiting the mutants down below first, if you haven't already (Wasteland Sewer Missions DLC required).

Head through the debris of the Wasted Territory until you hear voices, at which point you might like to crouch, sneak up, and shoot one of the guys leaning over the rails in the head. Also it's possible to use Wingsticks to dispatch the left Wasted and quickly do the same with the one to the right before he turns around. Be careful, the Wingsticks might stuck in the empty doorways, so get closer before sending them to the targets.

Head around to the right and down the stairs for some Beer Bottles and the Sentry Turret card before looping back to the left and meeting two more Wasted Pistols who will be shooting at you from behind cover. Head back up and take some cover yourself to take them out safely. As you move to loot the bodies, a Wasted Shotgun will pop out and pop at you, so don't let him get too close. Check the latrine: there may be a Night Blossom growing inside.

Don't go through the tunnel just yet — it'll just take you to the Wasted Garage back door where you will stuck with the lock that needs the Lock Grinder, and you'll be back there later anyway, so let the Small Gears and Hardware Packet there wait. Instead, follow the minimap up the path towards the Radio Tower. It's a quiet walk until you get inside the building, where you'll hear the growl of mutants. There's one inside a small room, so shoot it in the back of the head, and be ready for another one to quickly appear.

You'll discover the corpse that belongs to Juno, at which point you can return to Janus, but the "Radio Tower Repair" mission should be active, so continue with the mission while you're up here, and don't forget the Rikter Outrigger card to the left before advancing to the ladder.

Use the ladder to get up and head to the nearby Radio Tower controls. Activate the controls to turn on the tower equipment, and enjoy the beautiful view. Once done, find a nearby zipline and use it to get down. Head back to Janus for your reward, and don't forget to talk to Ramos Outrigger and take the side quest "Mutant Alert" on your way to (or from) Janus.