For weapons featured in RAGE 2, see RAGE 2 Weapons.

This article deals with the weapons appearing in RAGE and its add-on, The Scorchers. In keeping with id Software's tradition of weapon switching from 0 to 9 (in PC/Mac versions only), these weapons cannot be dropped nor exchanged with another weapon.

List of weapons[]

  • Advanced RC Bomb Car — A more powerful version of the RC Bomb Car (see below). An engineering item. "The best idea a twelve-year-old ever had now comes with an EMP effect."
  • Advanced Wingstick — The offspring of else and a sawblade. An engineering item.
  • Authority Machine Gun — An advanced automatic weapon used by the members of the Authority.
  • Authority Pulse Cannon — An advanced version of the minigun (see below) used by the Authority.
  • Balloon Bomb — Keep your distance; these things really pop! "Not for kids."
  • Combat Shotgun — Awesome firepower at close range. "More boom for your buckshot coc ."
  • Double Barrel Shotgun — Twice the firepower of the Combat Shotgun. "Double the bang, double the fun." (Anarchy Edition / Campaign Edition)
  • EMP Grenades — Shorts out everything electrical. An engineering item. "Just like HE Grenades, but for machines."
  • Fists of Rage — Armed and dangerous. "But it's not Friday the 13th." (Anarchy Edition / Campaign Edition)
  • HE Grenades — Standard offhand explosive weapon. "Kaboom! Makes enemies blow up!"
  • Minigun — A devastating, rapid-fire rotary cannon. Has some tracking ability. "Talk about giving a buzzcut!"
  • Nail Gun — Your standard pneumatic hammer. "Overpowering and brutal." (The Scorchers DLC)
  • RC Bomb Car — Playful and unassuming… until it blows up. An engineering item. "The best idea a twelve-year-old ever had."
  • Rocket Launcher — A little something for the bigger bothers in life. "The biggest boom in the Wasteland."
  • Sentry Bot — A small, armed, semi-intelligent mobile robot. An engineering item. "A mobile robot for you to use."
  • Sentry Turret — Portable, reusable, lethal. An engineering item. "Your personal bodyguard."
  • Settler Pistol — High-caliber, semiautomatic revolving pistol. "Settlers don't leave home without one."
  • Settler Assault Rifle — High-capacity, heavy-hitting automatic weapon. "Every settler has one."
  • Sniper Rifle — Extremely accurate, one-hit kill. "Hit the bulls-eye every time."
  • Striker Crossbow — Your standard military-grade crossbow. "Silent but deadly."
  • Wingstick — The offspring of an overhead fan and a throwing knife. "Not to be used with dogs."