The Watch Tower

The Watch Tower, also known as the Northern Watch Tower, is a location featured in RAGE. It is a guard post located in Northern Wasteland, north-west of Wellspring.

The Watch Tower is inhabited by Curtis, a lone guard sent by Sherrif Black. The structure itself is not explorable, although you can scout around it.

Nearby the Tower are the Plateau Sewers, Kvasir's Lab, the Authority Prison, and an unknown Authority outpost on the way to the Swamp. There is also a Field Goal near the tower.

A number of events take place in the vicinity of the tower, including a Feltrite Tempest event, some races, a Stanley Express run, as well as a couple sewer missions.

Associated quests[]



  • Some of Sherrif Black's dialog indicates several guards are stationed at the Watch Tower, when in truth, there is only one.
    • However, it is possible they are stationed inside the structure.
  • The protagonist can enter and leave the tower at his own will, despite there being a guard.