Look like a local and receive a discount on all cash purchases.

The Wastelander is one of the three basic armor classes in RAGE. It is obtained in Wellspring when Nicholas Raine is told to ditch the Ark Suit and get something a little more inconspicuous. When the Wastelander armor is equipped, the protagonist gains a five percent discount on all cash purchases.


  • The cash discount can be used to cause various exploits, making it possible to get infinite money.
  • The Wastelander light and medium armor upgrades have many things in common with those of the Roughneck armor, such as the chest plate and leg armor, with the only difference being in color and shoulder pads.
  • Later when the player purchases the heavy upgrade, the Wastelander armor will display five shields, although without offering as much protection as Roughneck and Crimson Elite suits of armor.
  • The outfit's icon is drastically different from the actual suit, depicting goggles and tan/off-white pants.


  • The medium upgrade is used promotionally for the game, such as on the box art (both sides) and the PS3's start screen.