From under the dry, cracked surface of the Wasteland a foul stench seeps forth. A vast network of long abandoned sewers echo with the screams of horrified victims, and townsfolk are starting to talk. Word of mutants has spread like wildfire and now the settlers of the Wasteland fear for their lives. Are you ready to face the danger that lurks in the labyrinth of sewers? Many have tried, and their spoils lay waiting for a brave adventurer, like you, willing to risk life and limb for the promise of fame and fortune. But, beware: mutants of all shapes and sizes await you, ready to fight to your death.
Wasteland Sewer Missions

The Wasteland Sewer Missions are an add-on for RAGE, granting the player access to nine sewers across both the Northern and Eastern Wasteland.

The Sewer Missions provide some extra mutant blasting gameplay and looting opportunities.

Many people were able to actually get the DLC for free, as a code for the DLC was included with every Anarchy Edition of the original RAGE; these copies were sold for months after RAGE was released. The Wasteland Sewer Missions are also included in the Campaign Edition of the game.


There are nine sewer areas in total: seven in the Northern Wasteland and two in the Eastern Wasteland. Each sewer has an entrance and exit hatch, but the player can only enter through the entry hatch. It's recommended to be prepared to confront scores of angry mutants. In addition, the sewers contain a wide range of objects the player can collect and sell for a profit. Each sewer area has a loot pile, resembling a stack of bones and skulls. These loot piles contain the most valuable objects, including a Mutant Adrenal Gland: a rare ingredient required to make Adrenaline Overdrive.


For more information, see Visit Sewers.

The sewer hatches appear in-game even without the DLC unlocked. In order to unlock the DLC, the code available through the Anarchy Edition must be entered or the Wasteland Sewer Missions must be purchased for $1.99. When entering a sewer, the mission to clear the respective location comes up. Upon completion, returning to either Job Board will have the quest "Clean the Sewers" available, giving another chance at the DLC missions.


After clearing any of the sewers, the Job Boards in Wellspring and Subway Town will have "Clean the ***** Sewers" missions for $100 each, saying that they have become overrun again. It's best to save trips back to town by doing multiple sewers at once before heading back to the Job Board to collect the secondary quests.

Northern Wasteland sewers
Eastern Wasteland sewers

Northern Wasteland sewers[]

Eastern Wasteland sewers[]


It's recommended to stock up on shotgun ammo before entering sewers. The sewers mostly consist of tight, narrow tunnels that remove the mutants' biggest advantage — their heightened agility. As such, it's best to back out of large open areas when faced with mutants there and lure them into the more confined spaces of the tunnels, at which point it's a simple case of hosing them down as they charge forwards. Sentry Bots can also be useful in the more open areas; not only do they excel at killing mutants, they will usually become the focal point of the mutants' attacks, allowing the player to pick them off as they fight or, better yet, sit back and conserve their ammunition. However, Sentry Turrets tend not to be very effective, as the mutants can easily knock them over.

Melee attacks are also very efficient. Owners of the Anarchy or Campaign editions have the luxury of using the Fists of Rage, which will kill most mutants in one hit, but even standard melee strikes are effective as mutants cannot attack in large numbers in the tight confines of the tunnels. Provided the player is careful not to become overwhelmed in open spaces, they will never be faced with more than a one-on-one fight and it is perfectly possible to complete many of the sewer missions without expending any ammunition or Sentry Bots, thereby increasing the profits made from the venture.

RAGE 2[]

In a pre-order promo by Gamestop for RAGE 2, it was revealed that Sewer Missions would be returning as some form of bonus or DLC in the sequel. However, not much more is known, other than the ability to fight the Abadon Warlock, which is an unknown enemy.


  • The missions are widely considered very easy; in other words, challenge seekers may want to play them early in the game.
  • All the sewers are considered locations, so they can be revisited to the player's liking.
  • Loading an autosave for one of the sewers will spawn the player outside, leaving you prone to enemy Dune Busters.

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