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Wasteland Legends, also known as the Legends of the Wasteland, is one of the multiplayer modes featured in RAGE. It is a series of two-player co-op missions based on environments and stories that players hear about or experience when they play through the Campaign. There are nine missions, and they feature various gameplay elements, weapon load-outs and objectives. Despite being balanced for co-op play-through, they can be played single-player, but in that case no Achievements/Trophies are awarded.


The Legends are only available at Normal and Nightmare difficulty levels. The players are given certain default weapons (Combat Shotgun, Settler Pistol, etc.), in most cases unmodified, at the start of each level and will find multiple ammunition stashes throughout the levels to ensure that they do not run out of ammo, and sometimes a new weapon. The players can also find certain quick-use items such as Bandages, Wingsticks, RC Bomb Cars, and use those to their advantage.

There are certain differences in gameplay between the Campaign and the co-op mode. The players have no access to PCs' dossiers, and that's most likely the reason why the current objective is constantly displayed on their screens. It's impossible to destroy an Authority Mobile Generator by shooting at it, only the EMP Grenades will do the trick. Also, shooting the Authority Enforcers while they use jetpacks to descend is not worth the ammunition spent.

Note that there are three collectible clownfaces that can be found during each mission (except for the "Rusty's Resupply"). Finding them all will bring the player the clownface multiplayer emblem, and improve their overall Legend score. Also note that there are grindable doors present at some of the levels that have some goodies behind.


  • The Wasteland Legends missions are often overlooked. Comments via PSN mail as well as multiple user reviews complain about the total absence of co-op play for RAGE. If you have friends playing, make sure you play with them.
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