The Wasted Garage entrance

The Wasted Garage is a location featured in RAGE. It is a hideout occupied by the Wasted Clan.

As the name describes, the hideout contains a garage at its lower levels. It is also where the Quake room Easter egg is located.

The protagonist must venture there during the quest "Find the Buggy Parts" and visit it again some time later with the Job Board quest "Stolen Merchandise". It is also featured in the Wasteland Legends mission "Rusty's Resupply".

Locked doors: 3


Associated quests[]


A panoramic view of the ground floor


  • While raiding the Wasted Garage, a sign is eventually encountered that says, MILE 4815162342, with the 'twos' added later with what is presumably blood. This is a reference to the TV series Lost, with the same numbers being a central theme on the show, allegedly being 'cursed.'
    • The Lost reference continues, with the very similar numbers '15,16,23,42' being the combination for the safe of Billy Creel, a character in Fallout 3, one of Bethesda's most prominent games.