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The Wasted Clan is one of the bandit clans featured in RAGE. The gang is comprised of rough-speaking British hooligans who decorate themselves with British-themed armor and tattoos. The majority of the clan have taken up residence in the old Dam Facility. They are the second gang of bandits Nicholas Raine encounters, after the Ghosts

These bandits return in RAGE 2 with a new name: Goons.


The Wasted are less developed than the other clans. They lay claim to just a few small locations: a crumbling old dam away from major roads, an empty expanse of desert between the Hagar Settlement and the Ghost Hideout, and an old garage next to a quarry. They also appear to be quite new to the Wasteland, as the Hagars mention having never seen them prior to setting up camp near the Outrigger Settlement. Despite Wasted Territory overlapping the Outrigger Radio Tower, the Outriggers initially don't express much concern over them, indicating disdain, or ignorance of the clan. However, they later leave the settlement behind, with Rourke telling the player "Too much heat coming from the bandits around these parts. Rikter's closing shop, moving on."

The Wasted make up for their lack of ingenuity with sheer aggression. They use intimidation instead of strategy, relying on audibly communicating tactical maneuvers to their allies — also informing their enemies of what they're about to do. This complacent behavior may have something to do with the clan's frequent raids on alcohol caches, seen during the quest "Stolen Merchandise", as well as the noticeable amount of empty bottles found in their hideout.

More inclined to pick up a burning club and charge headlong than hide in the shadows and fight from a distance, the Wasted are best kept out of melee range. They rush their enemies almost mindlessly, and fight with very primitive military maneuvers, barely working in coordination. An example of this is their tendency to run around a room looking for better cover, heedless of the effect this has on their firearm-wielding colleagues. Compared to the Ghosts the Wasted are tougher to kill and have much more firepower; they often use pistols and are the first enemies the protagonist will encounter equipped with shotguns and assault rifles making them dangerous at a distance. They will often charge their opponents when they get close, and are aided by crudely-made body armor, made almost entirely from scrap metal, which can stop a bullet or two before falling off.

The Wasted revere automobile technology, though they have a poor grasp of how to utilize it practically. In the Dam Facility, one can find an enormous engine, in near perfect condition, being used simply as a generator for an electrified door knob. They also can't seem to be able to fix up anything besides Dune Busters, but are capable of reinforcing the vehicles with crude armor plating, making them more durable. They also appear to be poor at maintanence, as their base is on the verge of total collapse and their vehicles are either out of operation entirely or have poor driving mechanics, likely due to their heavy armor. These vehicles typically require two salvos of guided missiles to destroy, or an excessive number of Minigun rounds. The machine gun turret on their boss's Monarch also seems to be prone to overheating and jamming after short bursts, in which the gunner shouts in anger. Though the Wasted have a basic affinity for machines, their idiocy and technological ineptness prevents them from being anything more than slightly better equipped than some of their bandit contemporaries.


Wasted Club[]

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Wasted Clubs use one of two weapons: a metal saw cutter, or a standard club. On scripted occasions, they may wield a flaming club (similar to the Gearhead Club's weapon), but they are a rare sight. All varieties have the same range and deal the same damage.

Their attack patterns are similar to Club Mutants in that they rush enemies blindly. Due to their light armor, shooting them with the shotgun while backtracking can be effective.

Wasted Pistol[]

Wasted Pistol.jpg

Armed with an unobtainable variant of the Settler Pistol, Wasted Pistols are one of the most common types of Wasted clansmen. They act similar to their Assault Rifle-wielding brethren (see below), staying behind cover and blindfiring. They inflict little damage and are easy to kill.

Wasted Shotgun[]

Wasted Shotgun 2.jpg

Armed with Combat Shotguns, these bandits walk slowly towards their foes while spraying them with pellets. It's advised to keep a safe distance and target them first since their shotguns can do a lot of damage up close. Unlike the Shrouded Heavy and Gearhead Shotgun bandits, they rarely run towards the enemy, instead opting to walk towards them, making them the least dangerous shotgun enemies in the game, much like Jackal Shotguns.

Wasted AR[]

Wasted AR 2.jpg

Armed with an unobtainable variant of the Settler Assault Rifle, they are a common type of Wasted clansman. They act similar to the Wasted Pistols (see above), as they will take cover and fire without aiming. When approached with caution, they inflict little damage and are easy to defeat.

Wasted Boss[]

Wasted Boss.jpg

Leader of the Wasted clan, the Wasted Boss is the toughest of the clansmen. He is encountered in a Monarch armed with a mounted machine gun near the end of the quest "Find the Buggy Parts", accompanied by several Wasted AR and Wasted Clubs.


He's taking us all out!
Wasted Clan member
Fuck a duck!
Wasted Clan member
Fall back, Fall back!
Wasted Clan member
Hey you catch that episode of Bash TV last night?
Wasted Clan member
You see what they were working on downstairs? — Oh fuck yeah, big fucking turret on the car.
Wasted Clan member
Toss a 'nade at the fucker.
Wasted Clan member


Doing time in Wellspring

  • A Wasted clansman can be seen locked in a cell in Sheriff Black's office in Wellspring.
  • The Wasted Boss is arguably the easiest Boss in the entire game. If equipped with Fatboys, the player can drain most, if not all of his health while shooting him when he screams.
  • If one uses a scope to zoom in on the minigun towers scattered throughout the Wasteland, it appears that the gunner is always a Wasted clansman, regardless of what territory the tower is in.
  • The clan are recognizable as being British because of their accents and the Union Flags they paint on themselves.
  • The clan bears a resemblance to the Orks from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000: loud, yobbish speed freaks clad in primitive armor who speak in "dodgy" cockney accents.
  • They house more vehicles than any other bandit clan in RAGE, as seen in their wide arsenal of Dune Busters, and the garage area of the Dam Facility.


Wasted Bandit in Action