“You see, part of growing up was watching everything get taken for me; I stood by, did nothing, and now I'm the last Ranger of this Wasteland, and there's the only one thing left to do.”

Walker is the main protagonist of RAGE 2. Players can choose to play as either a male or female Walker at the start of the game.


Born into the Wasteland, Walker became an orphan after their parents were murdered. They were subsequently raised by their Aunt Prowley alongside her own daughter, Lily. Walker sets out to take down the Authority once and for all. Along the way, you'll find unique abilities and weapons from Arks and complete 'Projects' from NPC's like Loosum Hagar and Antonin Kvasir to unlock perks to become the ultimate super human.

Walker is the last of the Rangers of Vineland.



  • Walker's gender is chosen by the player at the start of the game.[1]
  • For this reason, Walker does not have a first name.[2]


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