"Visit the Sheriff" is a mini quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Mick in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Wellspring Bound".


You really are in high demand.
Sheriff Black wants to see you, too. He's up in the Sheriff's Office above Stanley Express.
Best not keep Sheriff Black waiting.


  • See what Sheriff Black needs


Tip: It is advised that you complete this quest and the "Cuprino Needed" together with all the following missions before attempting any other main storyline quests available at this point, including "The Mayor Calls".

After you return to Wellspring to complete the quest "Wellspring Bound," Mick will greet you in his garage, and this quest will be given to you. It is a very simple quest: go see the Sheriff.

It turns out that Sheriff Black needs you to resupply the Watch Tower up North, but since he doesn't think that you have a vehicle with enough muscle to deliver the supplies safely, like the Cuprino, and the easiest way to get a Cuprino is to win one, the quest "Cuprino Needed" will be given to you instead.