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Vineland Ark is an Ark in RAGE 2.


The Vineland primary Ark known as Ark 401a is the Ark which gave birth to Vineland, and later become the core itself of the ''Presidium'', the Rangers command center on Vineland, under Vineland EcoPod, only accessible to Rangers. It was too the very first Ark that every player will have access to, right after the game's Prologue. The player will have access to it after listening to the first part of Prowley’s holo-recording. Inside this Ark there is an Id-Accession distributor known as the Nanotrite Injector, after activating it by using the “Focus” ,then sticking the player’s hand into the strange hole, an Id-Accession ability will be installed called: Dash, which is a Nanotrite ability. The player will be prompt to learn a tutorial in a virtual place known as the Simulation Chamber, which will give the player the ability to gain the proficiency in the use of the Ark Weapons and any Id-Accession. With the Dash Accession the player will be able to evade incoming threats and becoming harder to hit. The player should tap a customized button to Dash in any chosen direction (Up, Down, Left, or Right) to dodge incoming attacks and throws off the enemy's aim.

After leaving the Presidium, the player cannot enter again, which makes this Ark unaccessible after the Prologue.

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  • This Ark is the one of the two only ones which haven't his characteristic outside form, maybe because the outside parts may have been stripped to be recicled, but the core was left intact.