Vineland's interior

Vineland is a town located in the Twisting Canyons region in RAGE 2.


Vineland, your home. The last Arkist Enclave to survive the Abadon Mutie Uprising. A utopia of peace, science and enlightenment - at least that's what the Elders would say. Others might call it insular, elitist and xenophobic.


Vineland was a base located in a peninsula beside the sea, under the landed Vineland EcoPod, surrounded by high walls and with motor pools, and farms inside. ''The Presidium'' was the command center, built around the core of Vineland Ark, accessible only to the Rangers.


Vineland was built by Ark Survivors after the end of the Authority Wars. Initially only one of several Ark Settlements, after all others fall, became a secluded conclave, Vineland serves as the home of the game's protagonist, Walker, and the headquarters of the Rangers, before being attacked by the newly-resurgent Authority, which devastated it in the Assault on Vineland.[1]

The place was left on ruins, populated only for the about twenty or more survivors, included Walker, the last ranger, and his sister, the soldier Lily Prowley. After liberating three more technicians on an Authority base, Walker advised them to return to Vineland and help rebuilding it, but when he returns, only sees there Lily.


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