The following is a collection of videos featuring RAGE.

Behind the Scenes[]

Part 1. The Legacy of id[]

The team members touch on id Software FPS pioneering and creating the world of RAGE. Quality: 1080p. RAGE_Behind_the_Scenes,_Pt._1_The_Legacy_of_id

Part 2. The Dawn[]

The team members talk about creating the story (the destruction of civilization, characters and enemies in the Wasteland). Quality: 1080p. RAGE_Behind_the_Scenes,_Pt._2_The_Dawn

Part 3. The Arsenal[]

The team members discuss the various weapons, ammo types, and gadgets in RAGE. Quality: 1080p. RAGE_Behind_the_Scenes,_Pt._3_The_Arsenal

Part 4. The Wasteland[]

The team members discuss creating the world of RAGE, its variety of intense missions as well as Wasteland Legends and Road Rage combat rally racing. Quality: 1080p. RAGE_Behind_the_Scenes,_Pt._4_The_Wasteland

Part 5. The Enemy[]

The team members discuss the many enemies players will encounter in RAGE, ranging from bandit clans and mutants to the Authority high-tech super soldiers. Quality: 720p. RAGE_Behind_the_Scenes_Part_5_The_Enemies

Part 6. The Sound and Art[]

The team members discuss the visual aspects of RAGE, as well as the art of sound. Quality: 720p. Rage_'The_Art_and_The_Sound'_Behind_the_Scenes_Part_6


QuakeCon 2007[]

This teaser was demonstrated during the QuakeCon 2007 event. Quality: 360p (camera rip). 640px

QuakeCon 2008[]

This trailer was demonstrated during the QuakeCon 2008 event. Quality: 360p. Rage_game_trailer

QuakeCon 2009[]

QuakeCon 2009 trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_Quakecon_2009_Trailer_HD

QuakeCon 2010[]

QuakeCon 2010 interview with Tim Willits. Quality: 360p.

QuakeCon 2011[]

QuakeCon 2011 interview with Tim Willits. Quality: 480p.

id & Bethesda[]

A collection of official trailers from different sources. The videos are arranged in chronological order.

Hidden trailer[]

"Squashing the Mutant Threat" hidden trailer from the RAGE site. Quality: 360p. Rage_Hidden_Trailer

RAGE.com trailer[]

Official website trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_2011_Website_Trailer

Untethered trailer[]

Official "Untethered" trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_Untethered_Trailer

Dead City gameplay[]

Official Dead City ("Defibrillator Upgrade") gameplay trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_Gameplay_Trailer_-_Dead_City

The Shrouded gameplay[]

Official Shrouded ("Destroy the Bomb Caches") gameplay trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_-_The_Shrouded_Official_Gameplay_Trailer

The Well gameplay[]

Official Wellspring Well ("Hijacked Well") gameplay trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_-_The_Well_Official_Gameplay_Trailer

Uprising trailer[]

Official "Uprising" trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_Uprising_UK_BBFC_forTranscode

Gearhead Vault gameplay[]

Official Gearhead Vault ("Gearhead Vault") gameplay trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_-_Gearhead_Vault_Gameplay_Trailer

Water Service gameplay[]

Official Wasteland Legends ("Water Service") co-op gameplay trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_Co-Op_Gameplay_Trailer_HD_Wasteland_Legends_Water_Service

Jackal Canyon gameplay[]

Official Jackal Canyon ("Ark Equipment") gameplay trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_-_Jackal_Canyon_Official_Gameplay_Trailer

Launch trailer[]

Official RAGE launch trailer. Quality: 720p.


Anarchy Edition trailer[]

Official Anarchy Edition pre-order trailer. Quality: 720p. Rage_Anarchy_Edition_Trailer_Pre-Order_(HD_720p)

Campaign Edition trailer[]

Official Campaign Edition (Mac) trailer. Quality: 720p. RAGE_Mac_Trailer_(Official)_-_Video_of_trailer_for_RAGE_Campaign_Edition_on_Mac

Prologue gameplay[]

RAGE starting cutscene and Prologue gameplay. Quality: 720p.