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Vendors are the characters featured in RAGE that Nicholas Raine can trade with. There are six vendors in the WastelandHalek Hagar in the Hagar Settlement, Coffer and Rusty in Wellspring, and Jani, Sparky and Stew in Subway Town.

Vendors (except for Stew and auto part sellers) will buy any unwanted items like books, empty beer and wine bottles, Small Objects, oil and gas and sell various goods, from ammunition and ingredients to weapons along with corresponding mods, plants and schematics.


The goods available heavily depend on a shop's location: the starting outposts, as well as Wellspring, don't have some special items that are rather common in Subway Town. And if there's only a general store stocked with basic items in the Hagar Settlement, a noticeably better selection of goods available from "Outfitters" in Wellspring, as well as some vehicle upgrades and quick-use items traded for Racing Certificates in "Rusty's Autoparts"; as for Subway Town, there is the best selection in the Wasteland available from "Jani's Supplies," and "Sparky's Autoparts" and there's also Stew with his "private offers" that may be both timely and advantageous.