For Vehicles featured in RAGE 2, see RAGE 2/Vehicles.

There are four (five with the Anarchy / Campaign edition of the game) vehicles in RAGE available for the protagonist in the campaign:

Most of the bandit vehicles are actually the Dune Buster variations that have some different details. Racers in the Northern Wasteland use Cuprinos, and the Eastern Wasteland racers use Monarchs as well.

In Wasteland Legends, there is another vehicle type shown, a van, but it's never seen moving. In the campaign, the only actual vehicle that Raine can't drive is the Predator, a powerful vehicle used by the Authority.

In Road Rage, there are five vehicles the player can drive, all being variants of Dune Buster, Cuprino, and Monarch. They are:

Road Rage vehicle type 1 Scout.jpg Road Rage vehicle type 2 Enforcer.jpg Road Rage vehicle type 3 Outlaw.jpg Road Rage vehicle type 4 Executioner.jpg Road Rage vehicle type 5 Boss.jpg
Scout Enforcer Outlaw Executioner Boss