Below is the list of vehicle weapons featured in RAGE. Some of the items used in the Campaign are unavailable in Road Rage and vice versa.

  • Cluster Bomb — Drop a cluster of bombs behind your car to disrupt pursuing enemies.
  • EMP — Electro Magnetic Pulse waves that will stop enemy vehicles in its tracks.
  • Escort Bomb — Deploy an RC Bomb Car to chase encroaching enemies.
  • Heavy Machine Guns — Does more damage than the Machine Gun.
  • Homing Missile — Missiles that lock onto and follow your enemies.
  • Hover Turret — Deploy a Hover Turret to fire at enemy vehicles.
  • Machine Guns — The standard gun of the Wasteland.
  • Mine — Drop this behind your car to damage enemies behind your car.
  • Miniguns — Get the enemy in your sights and bring the pain. Slight tracking ability.
  • Mortar — Launch an explosive Mortar shell at your enemies. Tap the fire button again to detonate it.
  • Nailspreader — Get within a short distance of your target and unleash hell.
  • Pulse Cannon — A slow-range, high-damage weapon with a low rate of fire.
  • Pulse Repeaters — Energy-based Machine Guns.
  • Rocket — No lock-on, but the Rocket has high-explosive damage and doesn't need a direct hit.
  • Rocket Launchers — Biggest boom in the Wasteland.