For the list of personal quick-use items carried by Nicholas Raine, see Quick-use items.
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The vehicle quick-use items featured in RAGE are a vital part of succeeding at Vehicle Combat in both the racing events during the Campaign and the multiplayer mode Road Rage. Many of them can be bought from vendors throughout the Wasteland, and can also be unlocked in Road Rage by leveling up.

Some of the quick-use items used in the Campaign are unavailable in Road Rage, and vice versa.

Item Campaign Road Rage
Aftershocker Rusty's Autoparts
Air Burst Right item, level 6
Armor Restore Rusty's Autoparts Left item, level 3
Boost Restore Racing, Vehicle Combat Left item, level 18
EMP Left item, level 8
Escort Bomb Sparky's Autoparts Right item, level 20
Hover Turret Right item, level 11
Mine Rusty's Autoparts Right item, level 1
Mutant Bash Weapon Dusty 8 Sponsored Event
Shield Rusty's Autoparts Left item, level 1