An upgraded Cuprino firing its dual guns at a raider Buggy. The bandit has a Shield activated, and has dropped a Mine

Vehicle Combat is one of the many features in RAGE, present during the entire game when traveling in the Wasteland. Vehicle Combat is also present in both the Campaign races and Road Rage online races. It is also highly apparent it will be playing a major role in gameplay in RAGE 2 as well.

When players explore the Wasteland in their vehicles, they will be constantly attacked by enemy vehicles, commonly Dune Busters. The player will need to destroy the enemy vehicles by utilizing handheld weapons like the Rocket Launcher, preferably loaded with the Viper Rockets, or vehicle weapons (Miniguns, Rocket Launchers, etc.). Different vehicle quick-use items can be used in Vehicle Combat, like the Shield and Armor Restore.

There are some places in the Wasteland where Vehicle Combat events will be initiated, usually bringing a few hundred dollars as a reward. After making some main storyline progress, the events in the areas will come to the next level, which means better equipped and more experienced bandits.


Combat vehicles[]

Dune Buster
Rat Rod
  • Dune Buster — standard starting buggy with the option of upgrading with Miniguns / Rocket Launchers (a garage is needed to change the weapons installed). It's also the standard vehicle for the wasteland bandits, coming with the distinctive paint jobs.
  • Rat Rod — the alternative to the Dune Buster the players get with the Anarchy / Campaign Editions of RAGE. It shares upgrades with the Dune Buster plus it has 50% more health. Seems to be a unique vehicle.
  • Cuprino — the buggy's older brother, a multipurpose vehicle featuring the ability to mount both weapon types simultaneously, sporting heavier armor and longer boost times and the ability to ram more effectively, especially when with ram upgrades. May be used by bandits on rare occasions, and is used by the Northern Wasteland star racers.
  • Monarch — the best vehicle the protagonist can drive, with better firepower as it can mount Miniguns, Rocket Launchers and the Pulse Cannon; its base armor is twice as strong as the Cuprino's strongest and can be upgraded further. Used by the Eastern Wasteland star racers.


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