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The Trophy Room is a location featured in RAGE: The Scorchers . It features many different "trophies" earned over the course of the campaign, usually having to do with story progression.

This room is accessible in the Wasteland Legend "Water Service" and is unlocked in the campaign after completing the quest "The Scorcher Threat", providing residence to Sarah and the protagonist in Wellspring.


There are 22 "trophies" in all, not counting Sarah.


  • Prior to completing the DLC, the Trophy Room is inaccessible in the main campaign.
  • The Trophy Room is the only location in RAGE that can officially be your home.
  • Sarah will never leave the Trophy Room.
  • If you sold one of your "trophies", it will still appear in the Trophy Room.
  • Inside the Trophy Room is a radio, which will play "Home on the Range". It can be turned on/off to the player's liking.
    • In addition to "Home on the Range", the radio can also play the official soundtrack of RAGE, as well as a few songs usually heard on radios elsewhere. Press 'E' on the radio's green light to change the tune.
  • It originally belonged to Clive, before leaving for Oasis.