Tombstones minigame in Subway Town

Tombstones is a minigame featured in RAGE. It can be played by the protagonist in Wellspring and Subway Town.


The player takes control of the holographic Sheriff figure surrounded by four attacking mutants. Mutants will advance at the Sheriff over the course of three turns. Each turn the player rolls 4 dice. Crosshairs mean the player makes a kill. Skulls mean the mutants get one step closer to the Sheriff. If the player kills all four mutants, the Sheriff wins.

  • Win on the first round (4 crosshairs), and you get 10x your stake back, plus the Achievements/Trophy "JACKPOT!".
  • Win on the second round, you get 4x your stake.
  • Win on the last, you break even.
  • Lose, and the Sheriff gets stabbed in the face. Repeatedly.

It's actually pretty hard to lose over the course of a few matches, so it's an easy, if somewhat time consuming, way to make money

Payout Probability[]

Tombstones is heavily slanted to favor the player, giving the player has a whopping 45% edge over the "house".

Tombstones Probability Table
Event Probablity (approx.) Expected Return
Jackpot (10:1) 0.012 0.120
Round 2 Win (4:1) 0.246 0.984
Push (1:1) 0.348 0.348
Loss 0.394 0.0
TOTAL 1.000 1.452

The total expected return is about 1.45, meaning for every 1 dollar you bet, you are expected to win 1.45 dollars back over the long term.