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"The Scorcher Threat" is a quest in RAGE: The Scorchers. It is given to the protagonist automatically upon completing "Rite of Passage". It tasks the protagonist with travelling through the Wellspring Tunnels, then killing all the Scorchers in the Scorcher Base to destroy Firestorm and rescue Sarah.

The quest is considerably longer than any other in the entire game. In Combat Scenario Selection mode, the mission is split into two parts, unlike any other mission in the game.


Those Scorchers are going to throw everything they've got at us, so gear up.


  • Make your way to the Scorcher Base and destroy their gunship.
    • Enter the maintenance tunnels underneath Wellspring.
    • Use the security access card in the control station.


Wellspring Tunnels[]

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After you have opened the entrance to the Wellspring Tunnels, make sure that you have all the gear you will need to take on the first half of this quest. Once you have done that, open the hatch in front of Sarah and load into the tunnels. There's a corpse that you can search for a small amount of loot next to where Sarah hangs onto the railing. Follow Sarah until she stops and tells you that you need to use the Security Access Card to open the semi-circular door in front of her. Use the ladder on the back of the building to climb up, grab the two aerosol cans and canned milk to your right, and jump down. Then, next to you, there should be some Small Gears, a Turret Barrel, a Hardware Packet, some Oil Liters, a book, and some canned food. After picking those up, turn the left dials to the right and the right dials slightly inward toward each other. After you've done this, the door will open, Sarah will take down a Scorcher Jetpack, but then get taken by a Jet. Two Shotguns and two ARs will attack you from behind. Get ready for a fight.

Take those four out, then proceed through the now open semi-circular door, looting the bodies and grabbing the Electrical Wire Kit, the Nanotrite Conduit, and the Explosive Pack to your left. An AR clansmen will shoot at you, disregard him as the door will close in front of him and he will leave. Proceed forward and grab the Buckshot, the Steel AR Rounds, and the Pistol Rounds that are on the table next to the now closed door. Then, grab the Small objects to your left and loot the decaying corpse. Then proceed through the door in front of you.

You will now be in a large semi-circular room. Go up the stairs to your left and grab the Ammunition to your left. Then pull the lever on the console overlooking the lower level. Two turrets will appear and start shooting at Mutants running out of the tunnel in the wall; you must take out any stragglers. While the turrets are busy, go down stairs, into the tunnels below to find a room you must open with a Lock Grinder (you have picked up any Ingredients needed to build one). Open the door and pick up the Ordnance Pack, the Oil Can, the Book, any Small Objects, and the Small Battery Pack. Take out any Mutants that remain and move through the now open door directly across the room.

As you make your way to the end of the corridor, small bands of Mutants and Slime Mutants will attack. Take them out as they come toward you. Once they are all dead, proceed up the steps, grabbing the Small Objects propped up behind some pipes. Once you are up the steps, take a right down the corridor where some Mutants will be visible. Turn the nozzle next to you for one revolution and the gate will open so you can proceed forward. Now, you will have to fight the Armored Mutant. Special ammunition such as Feltrite AR Rounds are helpful against them. Five or six will attack you; take them out. Loot the decaying bodies, collect the Steel Blades on top of a crate, and proceed forward to enter a circular room.

Grab the visible small objects propped against the fence. Take a left and go into the Mutants presumed breeding room where three to four Armored Mutants will attack you. After you take them out, more accompanied by Slime Mutants will attack you. Kill them, and then the doors will open. Collect the Feltrite Crystals behind the rocks on your left and go through the door opposite that of which you entered. One Armored Mutant will pop out of a room; kill him. Go into the room he jumped out of to get some Small Objects, some Fatboys, an Ordnance Pack, and an RC Car Kit. Leave the room and go back onto the quest path.

Proceed along the path and kill the Slime Mutants that attack. Go up the steps, loot the decaying body and collect the ammo on you right. There is more ammo further along a short corridor before you turn left and go up the steps to enter a massive rectangular room. Collect the small objects and ingredients in a corner on your right before facing the initial attack of Armored Mutants & Slime Mutants. After the first wave, you will hear a roar before being attacked by a Kraken. He will be accompanied by one Slime or Armored Mutant, who will be replaced when killed. It is probably best to concentrate on the larger mutant. Kill the Kraken and the last, smaller mutant before moving across the room towards the large door. Look out for an Armored Mutant entering from a door on the right. There's more loot on a crate in the corner to the left of where the Kraken entered the room.

Go through the same door that the mutant used and enter a room with a walkway crossing above you. Collect the spray can, beer and small objects on the crate to the left. Cross the room, go up a set of steps through another door and up the stairs to the walkway. Keep moving as you cross the walkway as it gives way just before you reach the other side. Look out for a Shotgun as you turn right through the next door. Kill and loot him and the body beside him before picking up the book on floor beside a trapdoor.

Drop through the trapdoor and follow the tunnel to another large room. Collect the gas tank, oil can, cloth rags and ammo on the right. Don't touch the leaver on the control panel just yet. There is an alcove on the left with a small battery pack, antiseptic formula and other small objects. Collect them before continuing up the stairs to a locked door, which leads to a walkway with another leaver and more ammo (including pop rockets). Collect the gear and push the leaver to activate a turret before returning to the first leaver. Get ready for a fight and flip that switch. The door behind you shuts, an alarm goes off and the, now customary, Armored and Slime Mutants come for you. This time you have the turrets to help but you will still need to take out anything that gets past them, so stand back to give yourself time to shoot. Once everything is dead, follow the tunnel until you can turn left and go up the steps to a door. Go through the door, down the stairs and open the door to the Scorcher Base.

The Scorcher Base.[]

Follow the tunnel until you hear someone whistling and you meet Stew, who can trade with you. Stock up, check around the corner on the left for a Night Blossom, then go up the stairs behind him on the right and get ready for some hot action (that's what the message says). After the message, head to the stairs on the right and explore the L-shaped lower area for some beer bottles, another Night Blossom, some Fat Mammas, an Antiseptic Formula, Cloth Rags, and four Desert Spores. Then you can return to the other set of stairs and go up through a doorway into a fight. You will be attacked by Jetpacks, supported by a manned turret across the square. Take them out and go down the stairs, where you may have one or two more Scorchers to take care of. There is a gas can beside the first buggy to your left & an oil can behind the second buggy. Go around the back of the second buggy to collect some Pop Rockets before crossing the square to the third buggy, which has another oil can on its back.

Next climb the stairs past the turret and through another doorway, where you meet two more Scorcher Jetpacks. Kill them, go up the stairs and turn left. Two more Jetpacks and a Jet will appear at the far side of the next room. The Jet will advance while the other two shoot from cover. Heavy, or armour piercing, ammo is best to take down the Jet. Kill the Jetpacks and another two will arrive, so kill 'em too. The upper level is blocked to the right, so either circle around or use the stairs in the middle of the room to go down and then up to the right. Pick up the beer and battery pack before moving towards the lift. Don't miss the electrical wire kit on a chair as you advance.

Step out of the lift and follow the path round to the left to pick up a Turret Barrel & Ordnance Pack. Then follow the path around the other side to pick up some Feltrite AR Rounds and Nanotrite Conduit behind the lift. Go outside through the door and follow the path right to see a Scorcher Gunship take off before you are attacked by a couple of waves of Scorchers (around 6 Jetpacks, a Club and a Jet.) Collect a wrench inside a grill in an alcove to the right, then follow the path up the stairs and back inside. Up more stairs to a room with Feltrite Crystals on an altar in the middle of the room. Leave the crystals for a moment and do a lap of the room, collecting various small items in the corners before returning to face the altar. Stand with the door you entered through behind you, pick up the crystals. This sets off a booby trap, as the room starts to fill with flammable gas and the central pillar moves to collect a flame from the ceiling. To stop the trap turn around and collect a skull on the floor to the right of the door. Take it back to the altar and place it on the left hand side, opposite from where the crystals used to be. This also opens a door on the opposite side of the room.

Go through the newly opened door, up the stairs and through two more doors to a large room. Here you will have to fight 6 or 7 Scorchers (2 Clubs, 4 or 5 Jetpacks). You can defeat them all from the doorway before entering the room and collecting the beer bottles on the crate in front of you. As you search the room, two Shotguns will appear on the upper level to the left of the door that you entered by, followed by another couple of Jetpacks if you continue to look around. Make your way round the upper level until you reach the flashing turret opposite the locked door. Man the turret and blow open the door. Once it's open a new wave of Scorchers will attack, but you should be able to take care of them using the turret before entering the newly opened door.

Advance through the next room, picking up an Electrical Hardware kit to your left. just before the stairs. Descend, collect the Pop Rockets and HE Rockets on the chair and continue towards the door to the outside. Another hot action warning allows you to save your progress before heading outside to take on the Scorcher Gunship. Target the shields on either side of the ship with HE Rockets, taking cover from the ships guns. Occasionally some Scorcher Jetpacks will leave the ship to join in the attack from the ground. After blowing off the shields, target the blue engine inside until the blue light is gone. Eventually 4 Jetpacks will attack while the ship goes out of sight for a bit. Kill them, loot the bodies and start to move right, taking on the Clubs & Jetpacks that get in you way. Collect the HE Rockets on the wall before jumping off the bridge to the the level below on the other side. Two more Jetpacks will attack and the ship will return (you will see the health bar appear on your screen). Keep targeting the ship with your heavy ammo while taking out the Jetpacks that attack in pairs. After the side shields & engine, target the front shield, and whatever is under it, and the blue boosters on either side of the hull. You will probably run out of HE Rockets but Feltrite AR Rounds, Authority AV2x Rounds and Pop Rockets (if you can get close enough) can also do some damage. Finally the ship will lose control and crash. A Scorcher Shotgun and Pistol will descend in a lift, kill them and loot whatever bodies are still lying around before taking the lift up to a tunnel entrance.

Follow the tunnel until you can see the burning Gunship. Follow the path to the right until you hear someone call for help. Look up, beside the burning ship to see Sarah strapped to a giant stone medallion. Press each of the flashing stone boxes to lower and release her before talking to her, completing the mission and returning to Wellspring for a drink. Part of you reward for getting rid of the Scorcher threat is a house in Wellspring, where you appear after completing the quest.