The Re-Run is a side quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by J.K. Stiles in Mutant Bash TV. It is available after completing the quest "Mutant Bash TV".


You ready to star in another episode?
It's the same game as the first time, only it's a little more challenging. But for a contestant like you, no problem. So how about it, you ready for the next episode?
If you survive, I've got big money prizes for you.


  • Survive the next episode of Mutant Bash TV


Tips: Consider using Sentry Turrets and Sentry Bots. You're likely to have a higher accuracy rate this way, which means more money and most likely the Achievement/Trophy "Bringin' Home the Bacon" even without succeeding in the mini-game at the third arena and using the Dopefish Easter egg. And if you haven't already, don't forget to pick up the Scoop Mutant card.
Rage Mutant Bash TV arena 1.jpg
Rage Mutant Bash TV arena 2.jpg
Rage Mutant Bash TV arena 3.jpg
Rage Mutant Bash TV arena 4.jpg

The second episode is essentially the same thing as the first one, but there are some changes that will be mentioned below. And to start with, there is no mutant mannequin popping out in the corridor.

In the first arena, the decorated pipes will bring in the first wave of the mutants, the four platforms and the second wave from beneath them will come next, and the third wave will be identical to the first in "Mutant Bash TV". Which means if you're using the niche in the wall opposite the entrance you'll want to move before it begins, unless you want mutants falling on your head. Also, there is no clownface mutant this time.

The pickups near the elevator are mostly the same as before — Bandages, Buckshot, Steel AR Rounds and Pistol Rounds along with Fatboys, — but there are also some Pop Rockets present this time.

In the second arena, there is almost no difference from the previous experience. The revolving gorilla is the same, and you can still use the corner that faces the exit.

No big differences to mention in the third arena. The pickups on the way to the fourth arena are the same — Bandages and Buckshot — plus some Pop Rockets.

The fourth arena experience is essentially the same as before, and once again you can use the hiding spots near the hatches and play with the Dopefish after the commercials start. No Kraken and the "Gladiator Challenge" this time, though.

The quest may be repeated as many times as you wish.



  • For helpful hints on improving time and accuracy, see the main "Mutant Bash TV" quest notes.
  • This quest is a great opportunity to earn money, especially since there is no Kraken this time.