"The Price of Power" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Mayor Redstone in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Gearhead Vault".


Either you're trying to rip me off, or someone lied to me.
Which means, this problem is your problem. If the Gearheads suspect I sent you, then they'll shut off the power. It's time for a permanent solution. I need you to infiltrate their Power Plant and redirect the power leads straight here. Once the place is secure, my boys will take over. Problem solved.
You do this for me, and I'll give you a free rein to do your business.


  • Break into the Gearhead's Power Plant and redirect power to the Subway Town
    • Find the Power Plant to the North
    • Locate the Power Control Board
    • Flip the Switch to redirect power to Subway Town
    • Help Redstone's men Defeat the Gearheads
    • Inform Redstone of your success


Tips: Right after accepting this quest you'll have an option to see Starky again, who is downstairs in the Subway Town Speedway, and complete the quests "Monarch Needed" and "Starky's Monarch". It's worth your time since it'll bring you the Monarch, and you're gonna need it very soon. Upgrade the vehicle and buy some quick-use items, because you're likely to have a Vehicle Combat event right ahead. Make sure you take lots of armor piercing and heavy ammo, because the Gearheads are plentiful, heavily armored, and like to deploy Sentry Bots of their own. Also, even if you've already visited the Subway Town Sewers and Shipyard Sewers with the "Visit Sewers" missions, consider taking the corresponding "Clean the Sewers" missions from the town Job Board, since both locations are right on your way to the plant.
The Monarch card is basically impossible to miss
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Shoot the boxes like this on sight
Rage Power Plant Gearhead boss warning.jpg
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Rage Power Plant failed ambush.jpg
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Rage Power plant cutscene.jpg
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The Gearhead Boss card is upstairs in a filing cabinet

A vehicle combat event will be announced when you reach the plant area. If you were thorough previously, it'll be the level 2 "Heavy Metal" event. Destroy seven enemy vehicles, and you'll be rewarded with $300, and also complete the quest "Brick's Bounty". The bandits will be using rockets a lot, and also it's quite possible that there will be a few more bandit vehicles in the area, likely the Gearhead patrol on their routine duty, which means that you're gonna have to deal with about ten enemy vehicles at the same time. After you win this fight, consider performing two Vehicle Jumps available in the area, the "Shock and Awe" and "In the Gears".

Once all set, stop by the plant entrance and pick up the Monarch card. As you enter, you'll see a lone Gearhead on sweeping duty straight ahead, while the boss complains over the comm system that the Sentry Bot supply is depleted. Take him out, and head to the left. You might notice a MixomCam camera up in the corner — it'll certainly notice you. You can shoot out the cameras to pick them up as they're classified as Small Objects.

Around the corner are a few yellow electrical boxes which you can shoot with Pulse Shot or Electro Bolts. There's a corpse with a Striker Crossbow and some Electro Bolts near it after the first box, so grab that and shoot the next box. Go up the stairs for a hammer and a Turret Barrel, then head down and down again for Buckshot and some minor loot. Head back to the middle floor, pick up some Gas Liters and a Nanotrite Conduit in the far end and shoot the third box. Dead ahead is some ammo and ingredients. When you're all done there, head up the stairs and through the open door for your first firefight.

Enter the small office, and the door behind you will close. Behind the office you you'll meet a Gearhead Minigun, an AR, and a Club. Try encouraging the Minigun to approach a gas tank nearby and shoot it, and deal with the rest of the enemies. Onrushing Clubs can be dealt with efficiently with a Wingstick to the head. At point-blank range, decapitations don't always use up a Wingstick. Once done, don't forget to shoot the camera near the office, and also grind the locked door to loot the room behind.

As you push into the next multilevel area, some shooters and bots will assault you. The bots like to cling to the ceiling and will drop down for melee if you close. Pulse Shot or EMP Grenades work nicely on the bots, and you might like to break out the Sniper Rifle for the troops. Your progress to the right is blocked so head around to the left, pick up a wrench on some boxes near the stairs and prepare Electro Bolts before you head up.

Once you're up there, turn around and shoot an electrical box on the other side to frustrate some unlucky shooters. The boss will then "compliment" those soldiers, which means you you've done a good job, so keep moving. The lift will come and a Gearhead Minigun will come out at the top, and soon you'll have a lot of suppressive fire being rained down on you. As you round the corner, two more ARs and a bot will pop out in front of you, so slow down if you don't want to be overwhelmed. And just to finish things off, when you make it up to the lift area, four more will appear from below and they'll probably try and rush you. Good luck. Once that's done, get in the lift for a rare mid-level cutscene.

As you emerge from the lift, stealth is recommended. Pick up seven empty bottles in vicinity and head up the stairs, to pick up some Headphones and pick off as many of the Gearheads patrolling below as you can before you're spotted (be sure shoot an electrical box, as it will electrocute anyone near it). There are six or so down there and they're not afraid to release the bots, and once they know you're there, they'll rush you, so be careful. Once you're done, there are a couple of cameras to shoot. There is also some loot near the box, a set of Feltrite Crystals hidden in the wall to the right behind some barrels, and a hammer to the right. When done collecting, head into the lowered area and then up the ladder and up the stairs.

Take out the guy waiting in the room upstairs, and head over the gantry where you'll see a couple of bots and one more Gearhead. Pick up some minor loot in the next room and take out two shooters waiting for you to the left. Another three will pop up on the other side when you turn around the corner. Once done, head down the stairs to meet a Gearhead Jet in a room with what can only be described as spinning blades of death, and find a locked door. There are two shooters in there as well, and an RC Bomb Car behind the locked door. Run into the locked room, grab the car, and boost that thing towards the shooters for extra style points.

Head up the stairs and up again to enter a room where you can snipe a couple of guys before another ten or so will emerge as you head through the area. Fat Mammas will take them down with a single headshot, so you might consider using those. There's a ladder to the left of the entrance by some barrels that you can climb for a nice sniping point, if that's your preference. And you could do a running jump to grab some ingredients on the other side. Leave the sniper position and move all the way left to pick up a Hardware Packet, then head all the way back and around the area to fight some more shooters, and another few will appear as you advance forward. Once done with them, get down the stairs in front of you to pick up some Buckshot and a Suitcase. Head back up and into the next area. There's only a gas can in there, so grab that before heading up the stairs by the steam condenser.

Try stealthing a guy without a helmet before a melee guy rushes you. Once inside, there are a handful of shooters, a Jet and another Club guy. They'll open fire from both sides and above. Head forward into the generator room, and the doors will close behind you. There are at least two more guys in here, so make sure you've got Bandages handy if you've taken some damage in the previous room. Look back to see the previous room filling up with bad guys. Fortunately, they can't get through, but you'll deal with them shortly. In the meantime, save the game, because you're about to have the boss fight.

Pick up some Buckshot near the stairs and head up the steps to confront the boss. He's got a health bar, and he's heavily armored, so pull out something big and go to town. Even though you didn't get a lot of ammo in this dungeon, you've picked up a lot of goodies, so you can afford to resupply later. A couple of clips of Dynamite Bolts in the head, Pop Rockets, Rocket Launcher, Fat Mammas or just peeping over the edge to snipe him, — all will work well, although there may be a better way: stun him with an EMP Grenade, then quickly kill him with a few Wingsticks to the head before he can recover.

Once he's dead, pull the switch to divert the power. Watch for a Club that will come running in, then head up the steps and down the corridor. You'll meet Vincent there, who tells you they're taking over. Wait for him to clear the way and head up the low steps onto a platform with three switches. Use them to help the Subway Town security forces that will be coming from the left.

Once that's done, it's time to leave. Pick up a Paint Can, and the Gearhead Boss card up the stairs on your left just before the door to the Wasteland on your way out, then head back to Subway Town where you'll need to visit Captain Marshall in the Resistance Base.

Note that the situation in Subway Town has changed radically, and now you have more to worry about than Redstone.


  • Make sure to grab the Blake Bobble Head before leaving to the Power Plant, if you haven't already, as you will not be allowed in Redstone's office after completing the quest.
  • Completing the Power Plant in the Campaign gets you the Achievement/Trophy "Power Struggle".
  • Every Collector Card picked up counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Gotta Have 'em All".
  • Every Vehicle Jump performed counts towards getting the Achievement/Trophy "Jumper".