"The Missing Parts" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Durar Hagar in Hagar Settlement. It is available after completing the quest "Medical Supplies".


So Dan says you're taking that old Buggy off my hands.
Truth is that Buggy isn't a bad vehicle, but it needs some work and some parts. The work I can do, but I need you to get the parts. Here, take this list over to Johan, I bet he can help.
You bring back those parts, and I'll get this Buggy back on the road.


  • Take the List of Parts over to Johan at the Outrigger Settlement
    • Head back West to the Outrigger Settlement
    • Give Johan the list of Buggy Parts


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Durar will send you to Johan Outrigger who assigns you the "Find the Buggy Parts" mission, at which point the quest "The Missing Parts" will be finished. So, drive back to the Outrigger Settlement, hand Johan the list, receive some Fatboys and the Lock Grinder schematic along with the ingredients needed for assembling one (Electrical Wire Kit, Hardware Packet, and Small Gears), and get started.