"Talk to Portman" is a mini quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by John Marshall in Subway Town. It is available after completing the quest "Ark Equipment".



  • Talk to Portman in Subway Town


After you come to the local Resistance Base to complete the quest "Ark Equipment" and hand the Decrypter to Mark Lassard, this quest will be given to you. It is a very simple quest. Just do as it says and speak to Portman in the Resistance Base.

It appears that the Decrypter did the trick and the data recovered from your ID Drive is crucial to the Resistance's ultimate goal. For years the Resistance developed the Capital Prime assault plan, but they never had a capability to deliver a fatal blow. With the data recovered, they finally got a real chance to win. It's time to move to action, and Portman is the right man to see first.


  • No main storyline progress is possible without completing this mini quest first.
  • After this mini quest is completed, it will disappear from your dossier permanently.