Talk to Carlson
Rage Talk to Carlson quest
Quest type Mini-quest
Acquisition Carlson
Action place Wellspring
Equipment None specified
Rewards None specified
Prerequisite "Hijacked Well"
Next mission "Deadly Delivery"

"Talk to Carlson" is a mini quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Carlson in Wellspring. It is available after completing the quest "Hijacked Well".



  • Talk to Carlson in Wellspring


When you return to Carlson to complete the quest "Hijacked Well" and hand over the toxin, this quest will be given to you. It is a very simple quest. Just do as it says and speak to Carlson.

It appears that Carlson is afraid that the toxin isn't safe and needs Nicholas Raine make another effort and take it to Antonin Kvasir in the Kvasir's Lab. At this point the quest "Deadly Delivery" will be offered.


  • No main storyline progress is possible without completing this quest first.
  • After this mini quest is completed, it will disappear from your dossier permanently.