"Talk to Captain Marshall" is a mini quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by John Marshall in Wellspring and later in Subway Town, and the final time by Jack Portman. It is available five times, after completing one of the main storyline quests:



  • Talk to Captain Marshall in Wellspring / Subway Town


1st time[]

After you come to the local Resistance base to complete the quest "Liberate Captain Marshall" and meet Elizabeth and Captain Marshall, this quest will be given to you. It is a very simple quest. Just do as it says and speak to Marshall in the basement of the "Second Chance" bar.

It appears that you may be useful to the Resistance not just like a trained soldier from the past, but also as an Ark Survivor. It's about your ID drive that you were unable to retrieve during the Prologue. The drive might contain a lot of useful data on the Ark program and the Eden Project, and that's why John Marshall wants to offer you the quest "Recover ID Drive".

2nd time[]

After you come to Captain Marshall to complete the quest "Recover ID Drive" and hand the drive to him, this quest will be given to you. Once again, just talk to Marshall to make some progress.

Although it's a great risk for you to continue acting like that, you're the only one who can help the Resistance, since there aren't many professional soldiers in this small organization. Also, you survived the Dead City once, and you might be able to do it again, so accept the quest "Lost Research Data" and continue with it.

3rd time[]

After you come to Captain Marshall to complete the quest "Lost Research Data" and hand the data to him, this quest will be given to you. And again, just talk to Marshall to make the progress.

It appears that staying in Wellspring now when the Authority is possibly going to place a garrison here, is a risk. It's time to move, and the next stop is Subway Town. And although you will be able to return to Wellspring later, consider dealing with any things left — racing, side quests, Job Board quests, picking up the precious Desert Spores, as well as Collector Cards, — and return to Marshall when you're ready to accept the quest "Subway Town".

4th time[]

After leaving Wellspring and traveling to Subway Town, you end up at the local Resistance Base. When you meet the team, Marshall will bring to your attention the fact that the situation there is different from Wellspring.

Redstone, the Mayor of Subway town, is a type of man that won't allow any newcomer to stay without being useful to him. Marshall needs you to check the situation and find a way of being useful, thus the quest "Gaining Influence".

5th time[]

After completing the quest "Assault the Authority Bridge" and coming back to Portman, he rewards you with the mini mission "Grab the Pulse Cannon". Take the gun, and Portman will give you this mini quest. So talk to Marshall to trigger the final storyline progress.

Looks like the Captain has one last mission for you. With the data from your ID drive and Lassard's code-cipher, Marshall's got all plans in place, and you're going to assault Capital Prime and "change the course of mankind forever".


  • No main storyline progress is possible without completing this mini quest first.
  • After this mini quest is completed, it will disappear from your dossier permanently.