The last haven in the Wasteland free of the Authority, Subway Town lies deep beneath the ruins of Crescent City. Stop by the "Fez" bar to sample the local flavors, get your gear at "Jani's supplies", or test your racing skills at the town Speedway. But, be mindful. The Authority has eyes here, and it's best to keep your guard up.

Subway Town is a location featured in RAGE. It is the biggest settlement in the Eastern Wasteland, and the only one that is not hostile towards Nicholas Raine. This center of civilization has the best selection of goods available, offers the hardest racing challenges, and houses many interesting characters.


Far from the warmer, more open atmosphere of Wellspring, Subway Town dominates the landscape of the Eastern Wasteland. It can be said that Subway Town is, in fact, the antithesis of Wellspring — rather than appearing open and looking back to the days of the American West, Subway Town is, in every sense, modern, with the cold porcelain, neon lights, and trance-like music of the former subway system being perhaps the most vivid feature of it.

Built under the ruins of Crescent City, the town itself is perhaps only two third the size of its Wellspring counterpart, as space limitations are all too apparent and expansion is extremely difficult in comparison. Despite this, the city boasts a bar, two separate garages, a racing system, and a flourishing economy comprised mainly of "Jani's Supplies" and Stew.

Redstone, the permanent Mayor of the settlement, runs the town as he sees fit — coldly and remorselessly. Indeed, the citizens of Subway Town show distaste and often fear for Redstone and his hired guns, but openly state that they prefer his dominion to the Authority residing in nearby Capital Prime — Redstone may seem to be a tyrant, but the town has its complications.

Map of Subway Town

Built on three separate floors, the structure is laid out as follows:

  • The top floor houses "Jani's Supplies" and Redstone's office, and is the usual haunt of certain citizens, such as the banjo player (and the minigame Strum he offers).
  • The main floor, which the protagonist starts on, houses "Fez" and Saul's Garage, and is the location of a majority of the denizens.
  • The bottom floor houses "Sparky's Autoparts" and the racing kiosk, as well as being a familiar haunt of Starky.

Below Saul's Garage is the Resistance Base, where the protagonist will enter first after arriving from Wellspring via a Zeppelin.

Locked doors: 1



Abbott Halden Norbu
Alison Hope Redstone
Brick Johnson Howard Remus
Cain Hudson Rourke
Clint Jack Portman Saul
Destinee Jamie Sid
Dietrich Jani Siri
Eddie John Marshall Sparky
Elizabeth Cadence Foreman Jones Stew
Finn Krug Teague
Friday Mark Lassard Vincent
Gabe Mel Zak

Associated quests[]

"Gaining Influence" "Abandoned Distillery" "The Price of Power"
"Foreman Jones" "Bounty Hunter" "Ark Equipment"
"Comet Bloom" "Monarch Needed" "Assault the Authority Bridge"
"Brick's Bounty" "Starky's Monarch" "Assault Capital Prime"
"Mutant Expansion" "Eviction Notice"
"Gearhead Vault" "Help Wanted"


Resistance Base[]


A panoramic view of the Main Street
A panoramic view of the "Fez" bar
A panoramic view of the Mayor's office