The Desert Striker Crossbow  is a silent weapon featured in RAGE. The crossbow is a quest reward given to the protagonist by Dan Hagar in Hagar Settlement after completing the quest "Resupply Dan Hagar".


The Striker Crossbow is a medium distance sniper weapon (without a sight, though) that makes no sound. Unlike most crossbows, the "bow" part is constructed backwards and it uses a magazine system to store bolts. Although not said in-game, it can be clearly seen that the crossbow is loaded by a small machine of some sort which pulls back the bow; this would also explain why the crossbow is semi-automatic.

If the player looks closely they can see that the crossbow has a letter and numbers on it that spell "M2625-3".



Ammunition types[]

  • Steel-tipped Bolts: More powerful shots for one-hit kills on common enemies. Bolts can usually be recovered.
  • Electro Bolts: Special bolts that shoot electricity for larger groups of enemies. You can also shoot a bolt into an enemy body — or a water surface — to stun a nearby enemy in cover, or use it to break some circuits.
  • Mind Control Bolts: These bolts enable the protagonist to control his victim's movement for a short period of time, and then detonate them causing the victim to explode. On larger enemies, they turn on their allies.
  • Dynamite Bolts: Special bolts made out of powerful explosives. It is a one-shot kill for any common mutant. It is very useful in the Jackal Canyon or against small packs of armored Authority soldiers.


  • The Striker Crossbow is also used by the Jackal Clan in the Jackal Canyon. This may be where Dan found his, and provides a good reason for it to be his "pride and joy".
  • Dan calls it the Desert Striker Crossbow. This could be its full name, as this is the only dialogue anywhere in the game that mentions the weapon, not new ammo types for it.
  • The reloading machine is most likely powered by electricity, however the protagonist is never seen tampering with it.
  • There are crossbows like this in real life (not semi-automatic, though). They are called "reverse draw".


  • The crossbow has the most ammo types out of all of the other weapons (along with the Settler Pistol).