You're not thinking about going down into that sewer, are you?
Steiger to Nicholas Raine.

Steiger is a minor character featured in RAGE. He only appears in the Anarchy Edition or Wasteland Sewer Missions expansion pack.

He is featured as one of the playable characters in the "Life in Prison" mission in Wasteland Legends.



Nothing is known of Steiger's early life. He is an old prospector located in the Northern Wasteland, in between the Hagar Settlement and the Ghost Hideout, near the entrance to the Ark Area Sewers.

During the "Life in Prison" mission featured in Wasteland Legends, Steiger appears to be one of the two men responsible for bringing an end to the Gearhead operation at Stone Mountain Correctional Facility. While fighting their way through the prison, Steiger and Phallinx Hagar come across a Sniper Rifle, which they later present to Dan Hagar as a gift.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, he appears after Nicholas Raine clears the nearby Ghost hideout of hostiles. When approached, he warns against entering the nearby sewers on account of the large population of mutants living underground. However, he next mentions the large treasure horde they are alleged to be guarding, enticing Raine to investigate.

After Raine has retrieved the treasure and returned to the sewer entrance, Steiger is nowhere to be found and is not encountered again.

Associated quests[]

Notable quotes[]

Those sewers are dangerous, you hear me? Dangerous! Got mutants down there hoarding everything they can find. I hear it's good stuff too. Stuff taken from people they kill.
Steiger to Nicholas Raine.
Listen, don't you go trekking around down there without some serious firepower. God only knows what might be waiting for you.
Steiger to Nicholas Raine.



  • Steiger is the only non-mutant character to appear in the Wasteland Sewer Missions downloadable content pack..
  • He is one of the few characters to appear in the Wasteland, and not within a settlement.
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