Good, I always like beating the rookies.
Starkey, after the protagonist accepts his challenge

Starky is a character featured in RAGE. He is a racer and citizen of Wellspring and Subway Town.

Starky is first seen in Wellspring, loitering around the Wellspring Speedway. There, he will challenge Nicholas Raine to a three-lap race, with the reward for beating him being the Magnum grill for the Cuprino. He calls the player a rookie and claims that he is the best racer in town. Here, he states his amusement in beating the rookies in a little "one on one" challenge. When defeated, he states that there must be something wrong with his vehicle.

Later, he travels to Subway Town. Again, he will challenge the protagonist to another three-lap race, with the reward for beating him being his Monarch. He calls the protagonist his "racing buddy" and asks for another racing challenge. After Raine defeats him a second time, Starky says that he must have eaten something wrong that made his driving all crazy and states that he will get another ride and promises that he will beat Raine someday.

He will then disappear and is never mentioned nor seen again.


I don't know how you beat me! Must have been something wrong with my car or something.
Starky, after the protagonist beats him

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  • In the novel, Starky is mentioned as Wellspring's champion racer and that many people would watch the race he participates in.
  • In the novel, Starky is said to have "accidentally" killed Sally LePrine's driver, Jack, during a race (it is heavily hinted as having been deliberate) and had hoped to "win" Sally as his "prize."