If Stanley can't get it there, my motto goes, nobody can!

Stanley Express or Stanley's Express, is a package delivery service featured in RAGE. It is owned by Stanley and the service's office is located in Wellspring.

The office is a rather small inaccessible room located underneath the Sheriff Black's office. Almost all deliveries ordered in the Northern Wasteland go through Stanley Express. Bandits and settlers alike, they all use Stanley's services. The service has three routes for making the deliveries — Settler Postal for settlers out West, Bandit Postal for the less reputable customers, and the Northern Express for patrons up North. There are Stanley Express Mailboxes scattered all over the Northern Wasteland used for making the deliveries.

Stanley always needs drivers, so Nicholas Raine could accept the offers available after completing the quest "Wellspring Bound". Stanley will provide one of his Dune Busters for making the deliveries, and pay for the repairs needed. Choosing the Settler Postal route will trigger the quest "Settler Postal", while taking the Bandit Postal route will start the "Bandit Postal" mission. Choosing the most complicated route, the Northern Express, will trigger the quest "Northern Express". Stanley will reward Raine for making deliveries on time, whereas failing a delivery will result in no payment.


  • Though the Stanley Express Dune Buster has Rocket Launchers installed, killing bandits during his missions does not count towards "Sally's Bounty".
  • It has been confirmed that Stanley Express missions will return in Rage 2.