Collection of all the random, useless junk you've picked up. Just sell it.
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Small Objects are miscellaneous items in RAGE and RAGE: The Scorchers. Often found by Nicholas Raine in different locations, they have no use in the Wasteland and can only be sold to vendors for $4 per object.


This is a list of items which are considered Small Objects:

  • Black Coffee Mug (Doom)
  • Cheap Dress Shoes
  • Clipboard
  • Gauze Sponges[1]
  • Headphones[2]
  • Hook
  • Huffer's Aerosol
  • Krimson Aerosol
  • Mix-o-Med Plastic Bandages
  • MixomCam
  • Mushrooms[3]
  • Old Hiking Boots
  • Paint Can
  • Radio
  • Rusted Griddle
  • Rusted Ladle
  • Sauce Pan
  • Spray Paint
  • Suitcase
  • Toaster
  • White Coffee Mug


  • The White Coffee Mug model is also used (as a result of accidental or intentional developer's bug) for displaying the Blow Torch, which is placed under the Tools category.



  1. Gauze Sponges are only available in the Dead City during the quest "Defibrillator Upgrade".
  2. Headphones are only available in the Power Plant during the quest "The Price of Power".
  3. Mushrooms are available in The Scorchers DLC at Hagar Caves during the Rumbles in the Dark quest.