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The Shrouded Clan is one of the bandit clans featured in RAGE. It consists of disillusioned members of other clans that have come together under a veil of secrecy to hide their true identity, wearing masks to further hide their identities. The only way to leave the clan is death. Curiously, despite their mixed origins, Shrouded all have an American accent, and speak in a militaristic fashion.

The Shrouded clan is the most technologically advanced and dangerous bandit clan in the Northern Wasteland.

The Shrouded Clan returns in RAGE 2 with a new name: Immortal Shrouded.


Even though Gearheads are said to be the most intelligent bandits (or at least the most talented engineers), the Shrouded Clan appear to be better organized, more disciplined, and their equipment is less ramshackle than that of the Gearheads. Of all the bandit clans, the Shrouded are the ones closest to a professional military force, which is further emphasized by their combat behavior and dialogues. They use cover, throw HE Grenades at the protagonist if he stays in one spot for too long, and also tend to reveal tactics in the heat of battle.

The Shrouded Clan is not at peace with the settlement of Wellspring, and some time before the events of RAGE they attacked the town. They were successful in breaching its defenses and presumably killing some of its inhabitants, and had taken complete control of the town before installing bombs to destroy the Wellspring's water supply. The loss of the main tradable resource would be deadly to the town's survival. The town was saved when two residents who took up arms killed most of the attack force and disarmed the bombs.

They are significantly tougher to kill than the Wasted Clan, in addition to being better equipped, more intelligent and better organized. They are often armed with assault rifles and shotguns (occasionally pistols), possess stationary turrets, and a small number even use heavy body armor complete with Miniguns. The Shrouded also stockpile enormous quantities of C4 explosive and make liberal use of grenades, and even make use of radio equipment to communicate to each other.

The Shrouded reside in the Shrouded Bunker, and also met throughout the Wasteland during the Campaign (they are first seen not far from the Hagar Settlement, and then in the Feltrite Crater and Blue Line Station) and in the Wasteland Legends. Their bunker contains a significant amount of well-maintained technology, and there are many supplies scattered around. Their signature weapon is the RC Bomb Cars which can be deadly against the protagonist and inflict a substantial amount of damage to weak vehicles. Many necessary ingredients to engineer these bomb cars can be found in their bunker along with assembled bomb cars. They also frequently have ingredients on their corpses, meaning that explosive deaths should be avoided.

Enemy types[]

Shrouded Axe[]

Shrouded Axe.jpg

The Shrouded Axe is a Shrouded clansmen wielding an axe. This enemy type is only seen in Wasteland Legends.

Much like the Jackal Clubs, they attack by rushing the player and meleeing. However, they never throw the axe like the Jackal Clubs do. They can be avoided easily with medium to far range shooting.

Shrouded Pistol[]

Shrouded Pistol.jpg

Armed with a unobtainable variant of the Settler Pistol, they act like the Shrouded ARs (see below) in that they keep their distances and fire while taking cover. They are generally easier to fight than the ARs since their weapons fire a lot slower.

Shrouded AR[]

Shrouded AR.jpg

Armed with assault rifles unobtainable to the protagonist while being fairly accurate, the Shrouded ARs are a formidable force. They use Assault Rifles and Grenades frequently. They are regular clansmen, similar to the Shrouded Pistols, but wield an Assault rifle.

A single Fatboy headshot or a few rounds from the SAR can stop these clansmen.

Shrouded Heavy[]

Shrouded Heavy 2.jpg

Armed with Combat Shotguns, the Shrouded Heavies are one of the most dangerous of the Shrouded. They tend to walk into close range and attempt to kill the player with an advantage, due to their shotgun.

Despite being called Heavies, they have similar health and armor to regular clansmen.

Shrouded Rocket[]

Shrouded Rocket.jpg

Armed with a Rocket Launcher, the Shrouded Rocket is by far the most dangerous enemy of the Shrouded Clan. They are somewhat accurate, and can kill the protagonist in only one shot on the higher difficulty levels. These clansmen, although dangerous, are very rare.

Shrouded Armored Shotgun[]

Shrouded Armored Shotgun 2.jpg

Heavily armored and carrying a shotgun, those guys are only seen in the Wasteland Legends co-op. They are very dangerous and act almost like the Shrouded Miniguns (see below) except they only shoot when they are close to the enemy. They are generally somewhat easier to dispatch than the Miniguns since they rarely fire if the player keeps their distance.

Shrouded Minigun[]

Shrouded Minigun 2.jpg

Heavily armored and carrying a Minigun, they will tear the protagonist apart quickly and can kill him with only 2–5 shots on Nightmare difficulty.

Rocket Launcher or a few Sniper Rifle headshots should stop them. They will usually be announced by a hint of music similar to the Gearhead Minigun or by a NPC.


I never see any action.
Shrouded Clan member
Got a dead body here, spread out and find him!
Shrouded Clan member
Stop hiding you coward.
Shrouded Clan member


  • This clan seems to have an affinity for throwing grenades (when the player is in cover) as they do it more often than any other bandit clan in the Wasteland.
  • It's impossible to blow their heads off due to the helmets.
  • They will respawn in their bunker after completing the quest "Destroy the Bomb Caches", so the player can return there at any time for extra looting opportunities.


  • There are only three Shrouded character models used. The standards grunts come in two models while the Minigun and Armored Shotgun use the third model.
  • The Shotgun bandits will almost always come in the bulkier model (of the two standard models), probably because this guy is designated "Heavy". This model comes with both shoulder metal plates and he looks a bit bulkier compared to the AR model.
  • Shrouded bandits bear some resemblance to the Tusken raiders from the Star Wars franchise (although being much more intelligent), as they both wear veils over their heads and some have extended eye pieces.