The workshop of the Shrouded, a mysterious group of bandits known for their ingenious instruments of destruction… and their shrouds.

The Shrouded Bunker is a location featured in RAGE. Found in the Northern Wasteland part of the quests "Destroy the Bomb Caches" and "RC Prototype". It is the main base of the Shrouded Clan, a bandit clan known for their technological intelligence and the inventors of the small remote controlled explosive devices known as RC Bomb Cars.

After resupplying the Northern Watch Tower, Sheriff Black informs the protagonist that the Bomb Cars have become a threat for traveling north and sends you to destroy the bunker's bomb caches and ending the threat permanently. Once you're back at Wellspring looking at the Job Board reveals that the Clan has been working on an Advanced RC Bomb Car Prototype that it might be reverse engineered making the Bomb Cars more effective.

There are a lot of parts as well as already built Bomb Cars inside, a Key Card that opens the security door and an Authority Machine Gun behind the locked door.

Locked doors: 1

Associated quests[]



  • Shrouded Clan members may spawn in the bunker if entered in between the quests.
  • A hostile RC Bomb Car will spawn outside the bunker.
  • The Bomb Car will stop spawning after the quest "Destroy the Bomb Caches" is completed. As will the bandit vehicle that usually spawns in the canyon.
  • Feltrite Crystals can be found on a rock in the area where the second bomb cache is located.