The Settler Pistol, or the Settlers Pistol, is a common weapon featured in RAGE, and a pre-order bonus in RAGE 2.

In RAGE, it has a low rate of fire, decent damage, medium accuracy, heavy stopping power, and can use Killburst, Fat Mamma, and fatboy rounds.


The weapon resembles a futuristic revolver with a break-open frame and an auto-ejector. The weapon can be upgraded with a scope called the Monocular (although it is not actually attached to the weapon in any way; the protagonist holds the Monocular with his left hand and fires the pistol with his right, which would clearly be totally useless in reality).


Ammo types[]

  • Pistol Rounds — normal medium-caliber bullets that deal low damage.
  • Fatboys — rounds that deal twice the damage of their regular, more common counterpart, while cutting ammo capacity in half.
  • Fat Mammas — rounds that can dish out twice the damage of fatboys and can pass through multiple enemies. Must be crafted from Fatboys and Explosive Packs.
  • Killbursts — bullets within a bullet that all fire at once. Reloads after each shot.

Weapon Profile[]

Damage: 2

Range: 2

Accuracy: 3

Rate of Fire: 2

Magazine Capacity: 2

Field Notes[]


The Settler Pistol is the first weapon you receive, provided by Dan Hagar before you raid the Ghost Hideout. Before buying anything else, purchase the Monocular to assist in aiming. While the pistol has its own iron sight when aiming, the Monocular is a far more accurate telescopic sight. Simply place the crosshairs over your target and squeeze the trigger. This makes it much easier to score headshots on distant enemies during firefights.

When loaded with standard Pistol Rounds, the Settler Pistol is mediocre at best, inflicting minimal damage to bandits and mutants alike. Killbursts ammo basically turns the weapon into a machine pistol, automatically firing a burst of bullets with each pull of the trigger. While Killbursts ammo increases the weapon's rate of fire significantly, it must be reloaded after each trigger pull, making it largely ineffective in frantic engagements. Fatboys aren't cheap, costing more than $2 per shot, but they have the stopping power to kill most unarmored enemies with one hit. When you need even more stopping power, construct some Fat Mammas. These powerful bullets (costing $8 per round) can punch through any amount of armor, inflicting massive damage. Even after hitting their target, Fat Mammas keep traveling, puncturing anything along their flight path. These bullets are awesome against the heavily armored Gearhead Clan in the Eastern Wasteland. Try to line up multiple targets and kill them all with one Fat Mamma!

RAGE 2[]

The Settler's Pistol is acquired from the Cult of the Death God mission along with the Nicholas Raine Armor, looking at the stats the weapon is slightly better however it cannot be upgraded. Overall the weapon has a higher fire rate and mag size than the original Settler's Pistol, Ammo wise it shares the same ammo as the Sidewinder Pistol (Pistol Rounds)

The weapon's description is:

A Wastelander classic, the Settler Pistol is as crude as it is effective. While it utilized standard-issue pistol ammunition, the Settler's sheer fire force packs a huge punch and is sure to place a good-sized hole in whoever is in the way.


  • The Settler Pistol used to be called the Revolver.
  • It was one of the first RAGE weapons demonstrated to the public.
  • The weapon shares some similarities to the pistol from Doom 3, a game also produced by id Software.
  • It also shares some similarities to the .32 pistol from Fallout 3, a game produced by Bethesda Softworks.
  • There is another, unobtainable pistol version used by bandits and guards. Instead of a revolver, it appears to be based on the famous Colt M1911 pistol.
  • As it's depicted in game, the Settler does not have a functional barrel, you can look down the oversized "barrel" on the model and see the front of the cylinder.