The Settler Assault Rifle, or SAR for short, is a weapon featured in RAGE. It resembles an AK series assault rifle, and is the primary weapon used by the Northern Wasteland settlers. The SAR is available to the protagonist as soon as he can afford it ( i.e. after completing the Dan Hagar's first task) , and the ammunition is plentiful. One can also be found in the Hagar Caves, available through The Scorchers DLC.

While being remarkably inaccurate, the SAR does high amounts of damage against unarmored targets, killing them with several well-placed shots. Against armored targets, about a magazine of well-placed shots should kill them. Against heavily armored targets, using the Feltrite AR Rounds rounds is necessary, and it may require several magazines to take down special enemies.

After both upgrades have been applied the SAR becomes far more accurate; with the upgrades its accuracy becomes competitive with the Authority Machine Gun, although with less recoil and slower retical bloom. It is best to use the SAR with burst fire before and after upgrading it or rapid shots with single fire.


The AR Concentrator and the AR Stabilizer are modifications for the SAR. The Concentrator reduces the spread of the rifle and the Stabilizer keeps the rifle stable even when the player is not.

Ammunition types[]



Weapon Demonstration Settlers Assault Rifle


  • The stock, handguards, magazine, and default muzzle device (in-game model) are all native to the AK-74 while the gas block appears to be more inline with the AK-47 model rifles.
  • The bolt on the SAR is on the wrong side when compared to real-world Kalashnikov rifles. However, this is something commonly done in video games: having the bolt on the visible side allows the player to see it in operation, which helps to increase the amount of "action" perceived by the player when firing the weapon.
  • The metal components of the gun are in remarkably good condition with no visible tarnishing or rust. This could easily be the tell-tale sign of the weapon's being a rather recent (post-Apophis impact) manufactured copy of the original AK service rifle.
  • The stock, handguards and magazine of the weapon have tape or some other form of wrapping on them; this is usually done either to improve the user's grip on a weapon, or as a method of makeshift repairs of the said parts of the rifle.
  • The magazines seen in ammo pickups are black, but the magazines used in 1st person view are brown.
  • There is another, unobtainable assault rifle used by bandits and guards. It's model is different and it doesn't seem to be based on any real-world weapon.
  • The weapon can be found in the Hagar Caves, during the "Rumbles in the Dark" quest. This is notable for low-level characters, as it avoids investing in one.
  • Strangely, even though this assault rifle is based off of an AK-74, when the last round in the magazine has been fired off, it (the weapon) makes an audiable "ping" noise akin to that of an M1 Garand.