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Set it and forget it.

The Sentry Turret is a quick-use item featured in RAGE. This tripod-like support turret is a type of weapon and an engineering item. At any time in the game, even a single Sentry Turret can help change the tide of a gunfight to the player's favor.


The player is able to utilize up to two Sentry Turrets or Sentry Bots at any time, and once they are destroyed or no longer needed, they can retrieve two, three, or even 4-5 random ingredients used to create one from them. Picking up a turret that hasn't fired yet will place it back in their inventory.

They are very effective in stationary engagements where the player would be forced to defend a small area for a prolonged period. The long range coupled with high damage makes the Sentry Turret essential for defensive maneuvers.

It is advisable that the turret is placed on a flat surface, otherwise it can fall on its side, greatly reducing its effectiveness. The turret's gun has a limited cone of vision, so it's advised to place them in corners or in narrow passages for maximum effect.

The standard variant is not terribly accurate even at relatively close targets, does not inflict very much damage, carries a limited supply of ammo, is extremely fragile (painfully vulnerable to explosives or melee attacks), and is ridiculously easy to knock over.

Advanced Sentry Turret []

Set it and forget it. Part 2.

The upgraded version has a laser targeting system, longer range, better handling, wider field of view, greatly increased accuracy, and does more damage than the standard version (on par with a standard Sentry Bot). When trying to get the Achievement/Trophy "Bringin' Home the Bacon", this is the model that should be considered over the original.

However, it still falls over if it gets hit with a melee attack.


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The Sentry Turret schematic can be bought in the Coffer's "Outfitters" in the Wellspring Promenade. The Advanced Sentry Turret schematic can be bought in "Jani's Supplies" in Subway Town. The ingredients required are:


Upon purchasing the advanced schematic at a vendor, all Sentry Turrets you currently own and the ones created thereafter are advanced; the player doesn't need different ingredients to create them.