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The best walking, shooting friend this side of the Apocalypse.

The Sentry Bot is a quick-use item featured in RAGE. This small deployable spider-like bot with a four barreled Minigun is a type of weapon and engineering item. Aside from shooting, these bots can even crawl over cover to kill enemies. Additionally, if a Sentry Bot gets close to a target, it will stab the enemy with its legs, which is powerful enough to instantly kill all but the toughest enemies.


Sentry bot is a small semi-intelligent mobile robot mounted with minigun.

The Sentry Bot is capable of closing in quickly with enemies, has a high amount of health, particularly when upgraded, and is capable of traversing most kinds of terrain with ease with some exceptions. However, it will not use cover and is very aggressive, preferring to charge enemies while firing and impale them with its legs up close, but will stay in place and shred opponents with the Minigun if they are sufficiently far away or are located in an unreachable area.

When compared to the RC Bomb Car, they are more useful for fighting human enemies with ranged weapons or medium packs of mutants in direct combat instead of large swarms or for ambushing. They make an excellent companion while on foot in a variety of situations; a great strategy to mix up the game by setting it after enemies behind cover or using it to draw fire, but keep in mind that this is only useful towards enemies that do take cover or use guns. It is vulnerable when swarmed by several melee enemies simultaneously such as mutants or other enemies that usually prefer melee attacks, like some bandits, not to mention explosives. Note that pairing it with either a Sentry Turret or another Sentry Bot usually remedies this.

The Sentry Bot can also be useful for spotting enemies from afar or even behind walls by following its behavior. If it keeps staring at Nicholas Raine when standing still, there are no enemies nearby. As soon as an enemy comes inside its engagement range, it turns to point its gun at that enemy, even if said enemy is behind walls or corners or otherwise out of sight. It may also "dance" by in turn looking at the protagonist and the enemy.

When removing the Sentry Bot, if it's sufficiently damaged, only one ingredient of the five needed to assemble it is returned (usually an Ordnance Pack). If it's intact, it's possible get the whole bot back to the inventory and then use it again. Compared to a Sentry Turret, the bot's Minigun has a much higher damage output, does not run out of ammo and has superior accuracy, even though it is not terribly accurate against medium to long range targets (comparable to Settler Assault Rifle).

Advanced Sentry Bot[]

The best walking, shooting friend this side of the Apocalypse. Now with armor.

This upgraded version appears to have the Minigun upgraded with Feltrite ammunition for increased damage output, range and accuracy, is far more agile than the basic version, being able to jump on top of and over obstacles the standard bot would have to go around, and has armored plating for increased health and damage resistance. It also gains an offensive close combat jump attack, dealing more damage than the defensive leg stabs the unupgraded version use. It also seems to prefer ranged combat, as it only charges enemies that are already close.

The synergy of two Advanced Sentry Bots deployed simultaneously is almost seamless. Perfect in the Blue Line Station against the grunt mutants.


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The Sentry Bot schematic can be obtained at "Outfitters" in the Wellspring Promenade. The Advanced Sentry Bot schematic is available at "Jani's Supplies" in Subway Town. The ingredients required are: