"Secret Delivery" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Antonin Kvasir in the Kvasir's Lab. It is available after completing the quest "Deadly Delivery".


This is an important day for the Resistance, my friend.
Take these Mind Control Darts, and find Elizabeth Cadence. She'll be waiting at the Second Chance Bar in Wellspring. There's been trouble, and these will be needed.
You must hurry. Every minute counts.


  • Take the Mind Control Darts to Elizabeth Cadence at the Second Chance Bar


Rage Secret Delivery Elizabeth calls.jpg

After receiving the quest, head out of the Kvasir's Lab, then follow the dots on your minimap back to Wellspring. Once there, enter the "Second Chance" bar and find Elizabeth inside.

After a few words with her, she'll open a nearby door and tell you to follow her in order to continue the conversation. After discussing the situation, the mission will be over and she'll give you the quest "Liberate Captain Marshall".


  • There is a Collector Card in the back room and down the stairs. You'll be able to pick it up later.