Road Rage vehicle type 1 Scout.jpg

The Scout is the first of five different vehicle types featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. Automatically given to the player at level 1, it uses the id Software theme by default.

It comes equipped with Machine Guns as the default primary weapon, Homing Missile as the secondary weapon, Shield as the left quick-use item, and Mine as the right quick-use item. Machine Guns have unlimited ammo, and Homing Missile comes with 20 Homing Missiles to start with.

When the player reaches level 2 and the next levels, other variants of Dune Buster variants will be unlocked to replace the id Software theme, each featuring a new one:

  • Level 2: Toxic, Uncle Sam
  • Level 3: Classic, Rusty's Buggy
  • Level 4: Crush, Grim Reaper
  • Level 6: Bash Buggy
  • Level 7: Blaze
  • Level 8: Stanley Express
  • Level 9: Phantom
  • Level 11: Rising Sun, Union Jack
  • Level 12: Robocola
  • Level 13: Wastelander
  • Level 14: Inferno
  • Level 16: Ghost
  • Level 18: Phoenix


When using this vehicle, it's recommended to take advantage of fights between two or more players when the enemy vehicles are severely damaged for quick and easy killing. In Rally modes, the player should try to keep the enemy attention away from themselves while scoring points through the objectives. The player should stop using this vehicle as soon as the Enforcer, as it has much greater armor and speed. This vehicle is best used on the Southern Highway map.