"Scorched Refinement" is a quest in RAGE given to the protagonist by Sarah. She tasks the protagonist to travel to The Refinery to figure out what the Scorchers are planning.


The protagonist is tasked with heading to The Refinery, to discover what the Scorchers are planning. After discovering the plans for a warship known as "Firestorm", the protagonist reports back to Sarah in Wellspring.


  • Make your way to the Refinery beyond the Outrigger Settlement to the West.
  • Find out what the Scorchers are up to.
  • Take the plans for Firestorm.


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From the Hagar Settlement, head up the road to the Outrigger Settlement. From here, travel West up the road to The Refinery, (mind the feltrite on the side of the road).

Just inside the front door, there is collection of items containing an Ordinance Pack, Steel AR Rounds, Steel Tipped Bolts, Buckshot, and an Explosive Pack. Shortly after, you'll be pitted against three Scorchers (2 ARs, 1 Pistol). It is advised that you use the Nail Gun's Railgun Slug functionality, which can shoot through walls. This way, a carefully directed shot can take out two Scorchers. Once all three Scorchers are dead, a Scorcher Jet and two Scorcher Jetpacks will break through the wall on the far side of the room. The most effective weapons on these heavies is the Combat Shotgun. If you don't have one, try shooting the tank on his back, which will explode if it takes too many bullets. After looting the bodies, proceed up the stairs to the next section of the mission.

From the top of the stairs, hop onto the roof, and towards the ladder. On top of the ladder are two Scorcher Jetpacks. Take them out, loot their corpses, and then ride the zip line to the other side of the room. Once there, you will be given a large view of three Scorcher Jetpacks. Long range weapons like the Sniper Rifle or Striker Crossbow are recommended here, since you will be killing the enemies from afar. After killing them, head down the stairs to a small pathway.

At the end of the pathway is a Scorcher Jet. Kill him, using the same tactics as before. After doing this, flip the nearby switch to open the gate. Once inside, crouch down to see through a small opening in the wall. From this point, you can kill several unsuspecting Scorchers. At the end of the room, you will be ambushed by HE Grenades. Evade them, and head down into the firefight. There will be several Scorchers waiting for you, so prepare yourself. Close range weapons like the Combat Shotgun or Settler Assault Rifle are recommended here, since the Scorchers have a tendency of running into your face. Clear the room of enemies. Note that two Scorcher Jets await you. Once the room is clear, head into the next room, and up the stairs. From here, head up the roof until you reach the ladder. Make you way up the building, until you reach a room with a Second Chance Bar sign. From here, grab the plans for Firestorm, and head up the ladder. You will eventually reach a room with several different Scorcher types. This is essentially the finale, so expect a challenge. After killing everyone, take the zip line down, and exit the building the same way you came in.



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