Saul is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Subway Town and a member of the Resistance.

He owns the Saul's Garage, the establishment that houses the entrance to the Subway Town Resistance Base. While he operates as a mechanic, he also conceals the underground's entrance and warns the Resistance when the Authority is nearby.

He has very few interactions with the protagonist other than informing him about several events (e.g. the Authority or Redstone's actions or commenting on acquiring the Monarch) and providing two services in the Eastern Wasteland.


  • It is believed that Saul is the one who accompanied Jack Portman during the Wasteland Legends co-op mission "A New Toy."
  • He is also believed to take part in the Resistance's actions against the Authority.


  • While having different clothes, Saul shares the character model with Garan, Valder and Nelno.


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