These shorts aren't exactly battle-tested, but maybe they'll create a distraction.
Sarah to Nicholas Raine.

Sarah Yeoman is a character featured in The Scorchers downloadable content pack for RAGE. She is a bounty hunter who assists Nicholas Raine in eliminating the Scorchers, a bandit gang active in the Northern Wasteland in 2135.

She is further referenced in RAGE 2, where a shrine to her memory can be found at Yeoman Growery, with Sarah having passed away some time before 2165.



Little is known of Sarah's early life. She appears to be familiar with the town of Wellspring and its surrounding area, as she is familiar with Dan Hagar and his family as well as Clive in Wellspring. At some point prior to the events of RAGE, she began working as a bounty hunter.

Events of RAGE: The Scorchers[]

After Nicholas is given the "Rumbles in the Dark" quest, he encounters Sarah in the caves beneath the Hagar Settlement when she rescues him from a group of mutants. Assuming that Nicholas is the "new guy" that has been working for Dan, she asks for assistance in finding the source of the seismic activity. The two split up and soon encounter members of the Scorchers clan active in the caves, and are forced to engage the bandits. Upon reuniting, she asks Nicholas to meet her at Jackpots in the town of Wellspring, where they can discuss the Scorchers, thus initiating the "Scorched Refinement" quest.

Upon arriving at Jackpots, Nicholas discovers Sarah violently threatening Clive, the casino's proprietor, for information on the Scorchers. She explains to Nicholas that Clive had once been a member of the bandit clan, but left the life and was forced to hide out in Wellspring. Clive tells Sarah that he is more afraid of the Scorchers than he is of her, and that if she wants his assistance, he needs a ticket out of town. At Clive's suggestion, Nicholas makes his way to the Mutant Bash TV studio and makes an arrangement with J.K. Stiles; Raine will participate in the Bash Canyon challenge in return for a ticket to Oasis.

Sarah fighting mutants in the Hagar Caves.

When Raine returns with the ticket, Clive explains that the refinery can be accessed through the Wellspring Tunnels, and reveals a secret entrance into the tunnels from his casino. Nicholas and Sarah make their way into the tunnels, but discover the entrance to the refinery is securely locked. Sarah asks Raine to open the door from a nearby control room, which Raine discovers is locked and must climb in through a vent in the ceiling. After unlocking the door, however, several Scorcher clan members rush out to surround Nicholas, subduing Sarah in the process and dragging her away.

Nicholas then fights his way through the refinery in an effort to rescue Sarah, but encounters the Scorchers' leader, Reaver, aboard his custom airship known as the Firestorm. Nicholas destroys the airship, killing Reaver in the process, and finds Sarah being held captive at a nearby shrine, where she was likely intended to be sacrificed by the bandits. After being freed from her binds, she again asks Nicholas to meet with her in Wellspring.

Sarah and Clive in Jackpots.

With the Scorchers defeated, Sarah can be found in the Trophy Room in Wellspring, a small apartment which she explains was previously owned by Clive before his "disappearance" from the town. Nicholas is able to use the residence as a place to display his many trophies collected during his adventures.

Events of RAGE 2[]

Very little is known of Sarah's life following the events of RAGE, though a shrine to her memory can be found at Yeoman Growery in the Torn Plains. The memorial suggests that in the preceding years, she married and had a child.

Appearance and personality[]

Sarah in Jackpots casino.

Sarah is a light-skinned female with a slim build, blue eyes, and blonde dread-locked hair with a green kerchief over her head. She wears a crudely-made leather outfit, consisting of shorts and a bra, with thigh-length boots and fingerless gloves. She has attached a metal guard over her right boot, and wears a metal pauldron over her left shoulder, held in place by a white-cloth shirt that covers one of her breasts. She also wears a blue scarf around her neck, and has several rings attached to her hair.

Sarah is depicted as confident and confrontational. A life as a bounty hunter has likely caused her to grown accustomed to violence, though she appears to take jobs that she believes will improve the lives of her fellow wastelanders. Sarah is often very flirtatious with Nicholas Raine, especially during encounters within the Trophy Room.

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  • As an essential character, she cannot be killed during combat.
  • She does not appear in the base game of RAGE, and can only be encountered after downloading The Scorchers content pack.
  • She insinuates at having had an intimate encounter with Loosum Hagar while under the influence of alcohol, but stops herself from revealing any details to Nicholas.
  • Considering she appears to move in to Clive's old living quarters after his departure, it's possible that she assumes ownership of Jackpots as well.
  • Sarah's character has been the source of criticism online, with some players critical of her portrayal in-game. Sarah is initially depicted as a highly capable combatant, taking down multiple mutants and later several bandits single-handed, only to later be taken by surprise and overpowered by a single Scorcher while other bandits simply ignore her, thus leading to a "damsel-in-distress" scenario.
    • Furthermore, after completion of The Scorchers questline, Sarah remains in the Trophy Room as if she too were a trophy of the player. Nicholas can attempt to engage in conversation with her, during which she might ask if her outfit "makes [her] look fat" despite barely wearing anything at all.
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