“Next to them, you're just a bully ... uh, a hot bully.”
Clive, comparing Sarah to the Scorchers

Sarah is a character featured in RAGE: The Scorchers. She is initially encountered in the Hagar Caves and plays a major role in the Scorcher job path. She appears to be a resident of Wellspring due to her appearance in the Trophy Room at the end of RAGE: The Scorchers, but she could also possibly be a resident of the Hagar Settlement.

Sarah has blonde-dreadlocks and wears a seemingly handmade top, a green scarf, jean shorts, green gloves, and brown thigh-length boots with armor on them. She shows a large amount of skin, showing cleavage and leaving her belly, legs, and the side of her left breast exposed.

She is first encountered in the Hagar Caves during the quest "Rumbles in the Dark" when the Nicholas Raine is attacked by a group of mutants. She comes to the protagonist's rescue and then explains that the two should split up and work to find the source of the seismic activity. Later, upon going through two waves of Scorcher clansmen and progressing through the caves, she quickly dispatches of a Scorcher Heavy and Saw wielder and begins to explain to the protagonist about a factory of some sort belonging to the Scorchers, and explains that the Scorchers have been quiet in recent years, but still have psychotic plans for the Wasteland. She then asks the protagonist to meet her in Wellspring, thus beginning the quest "Scorched Refinement".

After completing this quest, the protagonist returns to her via the Jackpots, where he meets Clive and Lili. She then explains that Clive was a former Scorcher and knows how to access their base, but will have to get him a ticket to Oasis, a town far away from the Wasteland, in order for him to talk.

Upon the protagonist returning, Clive attempts to run but she then catches him and he explains that he can give then access to the Wellspring Tunnels. He then swipes an access card and an entrance is revealed behind a bookshelf. Upon traveling through the Wellspring Tunnels, Sarah will ask you to go up to a control room to open the door in front of them. The door opens, but Sarah is captured and the protagonist must fight through the Scorchers to get her back.

After destroying Firestorm, and with it Reaver, the Protagonist finds her on a disc-like sacrifice table next to the crashed air barge. Upon releasing her, she asks that the two return to Wellspring and ask for some sort of reward, considering they just "saved the world". She then resides in the Trophy Room for the rest of the game.

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  • Unlike Valder and other combat involved NPCs, she cannot be killed.
  • At the end of "Rumbles in the Dark," Sarah will reward the player with the Nail Gun.
  • She is not seen in RAGE prior to the release of The Scorchers.
  • In the Trophy Room, Sarah will appear in various places and talk about different things, often being very flirtatious with the player, but also sometimes seems like she wants the player to go away.


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