“Hey, fella, lookin' for work?”
―Sally, to the protagonist

Sally LePrine is a character featured in RAGE. She is a resident of Wellspring and the proprietor of the "Second Chance" bar.

Upon interacting with her, Sally will explain that, in Wellspring, reputation is everything. The best way to earn people's trust is to kill bandits. She then offers to pay Nicholas Raine for every bandit vehicle he destroys, thus starting the quest "Sally's Bounty".

When the protagonist completes the mission "Arming Your Buggy" and takes her quest, every time he kills a number of bandits and goes back to claim his reward, Sally will state that he's pretty handy with those guns and hope to see him again soon. Like Brick Johnson, she will also pay the "extras" for the Authority Predators destroyed, although she's never promised that in her deal.

She is one of the two sources of the Racing Certificates in the Wasteland other than Racing itself (the other source is being Brick Johnson in Subway Town).

Associated questsEdit


  • She could possibly be a member of the Resistance, as she allows the back room of bar to be used as the Resistance Base it operates from in the Northern Wasteland.
  • She wears a few green pieces of cloth, visually linking her to the Resistance.


  • In the novel, it is said that Sally used to sponsor races and had a driver named Jack. The two shared romantic feelings for one another.
  • Jack was killed during a race against Starky. Although his death was officially treated as an accident, Sally believes that Starky deliberately killed Jack.
  • Sally later sponsors Raine's race in order to beat Starky, hoping to injure him in order to avenge Jack's death.


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