Hey, fella, lookin' for work?
Sally to Nicholas Raine.

Sally LePrine is a minor character featured in RAGE. She is a resident of Wellspring and the bartender at the Second Chance bar.



Nothing is known of Sally's early life. She is a resident of Wellspring and works as the bartender at Second Chance, the local bar.

Events of RAGE[]

In 2135, when Nicholas Raine first arrives in town, he can find Sally behind the bar in Second Chance. She explains that, in the Wasteland, reputation is everything, and the best way to gain influence is killing bandits. She then offers to pay Raine for every bandit vehicle he destroys, thus initiating the "Sally's Bounty" repeating quest.

After completing the "Arming Your Buggy" quest, Raine is able to combat the bandit vehicles in the wasteland. When Raine returns to her with evidence of his kills, she will often comment that he is "handy with those guns" before rewarding him with racing certificates. She will later offer a bonus for any Authority Predators destroyed, though she never explicitly offers to do so.

Associated quests[]



  • Sally was voiced by Australian actress Claudia Black, who also provided the voice for Mel.
  • In the novel, it is said that Sally used to sponsor a driver named Jack in the races, and that the two were romantically involved.
    • Jack was killed during a race against Starky; although his death was officially ruled to be an accident, Sally believed that Starky deliberately killed Jack. She later sponsors Raine during his race against Starky.
  • It's possible that she is a member of the Resistance, or at the very least a sympathizer, considering she allows the back room of her bar to be used as a staging area for John Marshall and Elizabeth Cadence while they are operating in Wellspring.
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